Pending coffee


Pending coffee scheme


We introduced a Pending Coffee Scheme into the Tea Studio in 2016.

The Pending Coffee Scheme concept is simple: when a customer buys a coffee for themselves they can opt to buy one or more ‘pending’ coffees or snacks.  This donation can then be redeemed later by a homeless person.

In the Art House we typically provide 8-12 hot meals and numerous drinks each day.

The information below is taken from the Pending Coffee Scheme website:

How do I donate?

We accept cash donations in the Tea Studio café when customers purchase their own refreshments.

What stops anyone from claiming a free coffee?

Only people living on the street or who use shelters and homeless charities can redeem free meals/drinks.

Why not just give the money to the homeless person directly?

Pending Coffee is about encouraging social engagement.  No one should have to beg and while we know any Pending Coffee scheme won’t change that, it will allow vulnerable people to sit in the comfort and safety of the same places we all like to enjoy.

What’s in it for the Art House?

Financially, nothing.  This is about the generosity of Sheffield people helping those living on our streets or in fragile conditions.  We believe by giving people the opportunity to integrate in social surroundings, their confidence and acceptance can start to blossom.  Opportunities often arise out of changing your environment or routine.  Pending Coffee is a small, simple step towards achieving this.

Participating cafes

There are a number of venues around Sheffield that offer the scheme – see website

We are grateful to our café customers who have and continue to donate to this scheme that allows us to offer a hot meal and drink to individuals who find themselves homeless.