Wellbeing at the Art House

We set up the Art House because we believe that taking part in creative activities and finding the artist within you can bring improved health and a sense of wellbeing.

Other benefits include:
Learning new skills and developing artistic exploration: engagement in the wellbeing programme offers the chance to make art and pottery at a pace that suits you.  An additional factor is that it helps build other skills such as decision making, problem solving and planning.

Sense of belonging:  students often comment that the Art House has helped them to develop a framework to their weekly routine.  They are also able to establish relationships with like minded people.  Feeling understood and making art can go together.

Meeting others and mutual appreciation: The priority in our classes is to create an atmosphere where good mental health is available to all.  Sharing in the Art House community can often help an individual build up self-esteem and confidence.  We encourage people to be comfortable with who they are and take pleasure in the joy of making.

Development of artist identity: engaging in art activity offers ‘time out’ from the preoccupations of everyday life; and the development and recognition of artistic skills allow student to reconstruct their personal identity as an artist.

Progression: students are able to take on greater responsibility through volunteering positions within the Art House and build employable skills.  They are also able to establish relationships with the wider community through exhibitions, previews and events made available to all students.  We also offer stepping stone art and pottery classes which follow a curriculum and prepare the student for further progression into mainstream commercial classes.

Keeping safe: we create a trusting environment where communication is at the forefront of all of our activity.  We aim to work together as a team to provide and maintain an environment that is free from harm and allows self-expression through creativity.