Following government guidance, our building is closed until 3rd December. You can still order 'clay take-away' kits, Zoom classes, Art House vouchers and you can book 'in-house' classes now to look forward to post lockdown #2. We look forward to welcoming you back in December!


The Life Changing Power of Clay

Hello, my name is Célia and I now spend most of my days making pots… I joined the Art House back in 2016, after having had a couple of short courses and workshops elsewhere. Although my love for clay was obvious from day one, it was the Art House that allowed me to give that…

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10th September 2019

Strength in Poetry: war veteran Karl Tearney’s journey to recovery through creative writing

A few weeks ago we visited the Art in the Aftermath exhibition in Barkers Pool showcasing work from veterans suffering from PTSD and / or mental health issues. The project looks at how creativity can benefit individuals and be a transformative tool in their ongoing recovery. Veteran Karl Tearney told us how discovering a gift…

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27th August 2019

Hand-crafted pottery tools

Guess what potters do when they’re not potting? Make pottery tools! This lovely little piece was made by our Art House tutor Mick Randle. He not only throws large pots, big and small but also has a forge at home to handcraft the blade for making tools to turn the foots of pots. It is…

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1st July 2019

Visiting Sue Blair’s pottery studio in the Outer Hebrides

I am a potter. I can throw, hand build and do many other things in clay, so why is it that I buy pottery from other potters when I can make things for myself? I’ll be out and about wandering around and see the words ‘Pottery’ or ‘Gallery’ and immediately I’ll be following the very…

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7th June 2019

Photography, creativity and a journey through recovery.

We recently met up with Michelle who was one of the contributors to an addaction Digital Photography Project at Access Space. Michelle had previously been a drug user and has gone through a recovery programme – her participation on this photography course was part of her ongoing journey of recovery.  We talked to her about…

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18th May 2019

Creative writing at the Art House

Our Creative Writing Course with Rob Smith starts 13th May 2109. We caught up with Rob to talk about the course and to get a poem from him!     What can people expect in the course? Rob: What people can expect is encouragement, an audience for their work, the chance to discuss ideas about…

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30th April 2019