Welcome to new tutor ~ Marcin Szuba


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We are excited to introduce Marcin Szuba who will be joining out team of wonderful tutors at the Art House for the forthcoming year.  We asked him to tell us a little about himself:

“I come from Toruń in northern Poland, a city renowned for its gothic old town. As a child, I was fascinated by my grand mums small collection of art. She had among others miniatures painted by Giovanni Battista Lampi. Her beautiful objects seemed to be passages to different realms”.

When did you start with your art/any formal training?

“In the secondary school I learned the fundamentals of life drawing and painting.  Each year we went for a trip and painted the landscape. I was 17 years old when I went to Prado. In the room of Velázquez my heart started to beat faster, I started to feel a strong connection to his work and decided to study art.  One year later I was very lucky to be accepted onto the painting course at Nicolas Copernicus University. I studied at Prof. Mieczyslaw Ziomek painting studio. We had plenty of life painting classes and studied still lifes, the human figure, and landscape among other subjects and really learned to see more. I graduated with an MA in 2004”.

Which are your favourite artists?

“I admire Cezanne, Bonnard, Soutine, van Dongen, Kisling, Balthus, Gorky, Nowosielski, Katz and many others”.

What subjects do you like to paint?

“I love to paint people and nature. I pay attention to how people relate to each other and to the world. Usually, a memory of some event, people or a place is my starting point. Sometimes I use a photo to help me with some fragment of the painting. I also like to paint from a life model or a landscape. I am absorbed in relations of colour, forms and space and try to create scenes which are often theatrical, a bit surreal and never fully finished”.

Marcin will be running a taster workshop on Saturday 2nd September 2017
10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. for anyone interested in starting or further developing their interest in oil painting.  Click here!

We plan to schedule a longer course during the autumn term.