Visiting Sue Blair’s pottery studio in the Outer Hebrides


I am a potter. I can throw, hand build and do many other things in clay, so why is it that I buy pottery from other potters when I can make things for myself?

I’ll be out and about wandering around and see the words ‘Pottery’ or ‘Gallery’ and immediately I’ll be following the very poorly signed route down some craggy, dusty road and enter into a world I adore, the local potter’s residence/studio.

My most recent excursion was to the Isle of Lewis in the outer Hebrides. My partner and I were on quite a long cycle and there it was, the sign “Borgh Pottery”! ……And the potter Sue Blair.

2019 is the 45 anniversary for Sue of the pottery that she shared with her husband Alex. Unfortunately Alex past away in 2013 and it has been a journey since to carry on.
So, to answer that question of why buy pots from other potters?  Because it carries the story of that potter and I enjoy holding that little part of another person in my hands.

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