Tutor and Participant: Two Personal Views of The Art House.


Tutor and Participant: Two Personal Views of The Art House.

The Art House is often referred to as ‘a hidden gem’ and we’re eager to change that view!  We don’t want our community based creative space to remain hidden and we’ve been having an ongoing drive through December and January to increase our following. A share or a follow is an important commodity for us and we really appreciate our followers commitment to the work we do.

So, throughout 2019, we’ll also be looking at using our blog more – reaching out to organisations or people who share our values of inclusion and the power of creativity to change lives.
Today we’ve asked one of our tutors – Amanda Packham – to tell us about how she has seen The Art House grow and develop since her initial involvement. Amanda teaches (among other things) and her current classes include Painted Vessels and Pottery Projects.  She also asked one of her students/participants for his experience of learning in our space.

As you’ll see both of them speak about The Art House as a place of friendship and support and, although lots of people think of us as just a place for creative classes, we strive hard to be a positive community space right in the centre of the city.  We believe that everyone, at any stage of their life, can benefit from the positive effects of art in a supportive non-judgemental environment.  But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Amanda and one of her students/participants had to say:

A Tutors View – Amanda Packham

I first met Sarah and Ali (two people who were instrumental in the establishment of The Art House) as it was near to opening. The passion and enthusiasm were clear, the intention strong, opportunity and excitement abundant.

My involvement with The Art House has been as a tutor and volunteer and have watched it grow and enrich so many lives, friendships, with problems shared and often solved through participation in courses and Open Studio (flexible membership scheme).

People have told me how much they value the peaceful, spacious environment, take comfort in seeing familiar faces and enjoying conversations. I see it as a calm oasis, leaving issues of the week outside and I am always greeted with warmth and smiles.  There is a strong sense of family in the team, tutors, volunteers and cafe staff I have met on my days working.  I value the care and sharing here, it has enriched my creative experience and enabled me to pass my skills to others.

I asked someone who has been attending various art and pottery classes once a week for 2 years if he would write a little about his experience here :

A Participant’s View: Anonymous

The Art House is a white shining light, that gives me an artistic insight into art and pottery alike.  At the Art House you are part of a happy family where you meet new people and socialise with others, developing new skills and abilities and taking your mind off your problems.

Doing pottery at the Art House I have learnt new skills and developed relationships with others.
The Art House provide a formidable, well organised team.  The Art House is an important part of my life and I don’t know where I would be without them.

Do you have experience of The Art House?  We’d love to hear your views of what we do well and what we could do better.