The Snow Drop Project: How You Can Help


The Snowdrop Project: How you can help.

This week – as part of Migration Matters – The Art House exhibition space has been hosting a photography exhibition by Sheffield based charity The Snowdrop Project.  In a previous blog post we talked with founder, Lara, about the exhibition and the reasons it was important to Sheffield, as well as a wider audience.

Today we look how you can help The Snowdrop Project and what you can do to create an environment where human trafficking and slavery find it difficult to flourish.

Know your shopping.

Lara advises: “shop ethically: Know where you shop and be sure that they do not have slaves in their supply chain.

“The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires organizations with an annual turnover of at least £36m to make a public statement on steps they are taking to identify and prevent modern slavery in their operations and supply chains. Many don’t and there are no repercussions if they have not got one.

“You can help change this by pursuing retailers who don’t have one or by shopping in places that do. You can also make yourself aware of the Free For Good campaign:
You can sign their petition and let your MP know that you support its aims.

“These are simple things that take minutes and that can potentially make a difference.”

Support The Snowdrop Project.

“Engage with us.

“We have a volunteer drive between August and September but feel free to contact us as we have a variety of roles from fundraising, helping with house renovations and also we accept donations of clothing.

“Take a look at our website :