The Life Changing Power of Clay


Hello, my name is Célia and I now spend most of my days making pots… I joined the Art House back in 2016, after having had a couple of short courses and workshops elsewhere. Although my love for clay was obvious from day one, it was the Art House that allowed me to give that one step further and, not only learn, but also explore the full potential of clay. I first joined as part of one of the 12 weeks wheel courses, and I was always so looking forward to the evenings when I could finally get my hands on the pots we were making at Mick’s class. To this day I remember his “practice your cylinders! If you get them right, the rest will follow!” so clearly. I still go back to my cylinders, when I feel I need a bit of back to roots throwing.

The Art House was more than excellent tutoring. The environment created amongst tutors and students, and especially between Open Studio Members, was (and I assume it still is) special, and not something you can easily find in other places. Those evenings with my peer OS members were educational and so amazing. The studio upstairs was such a good place to chat pottery and other things, to learn from each other, to better ourselves and our pottery techniques. I have some of my most precious memories from Sheffield associated with that studio. The thrill of checking the glaze shelf on Tuesday evenings, and discuss glaze combinations between us… Ah so many good memories!

But more importantly, the Art House also made me more confident in my pottery skills, made me feel I could take the leap to pottery world safely. I moved out of the UK to start a pottery apprenticeship in Portugal roughly 7 months ago. The skills I acquired during my time at the AH opened the door to a whole new level of pottery making. I did come a long way in the last few months, but I would never be where I am today if it weren’t for the Art House. I’m slowly getting used to the idea of becoming a full time potter, and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for introducing clay into my life – it literally was a life changer! I really hope I can visit again at some point and throw some pots on the studio upstairs 😊

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