The Art House, Sheffield: Our Aims.


The Art House, Sheffield: Our Aims.

At The Art House, we provide great pottery and art courses and, as we’ve settled into finding our role in the city, this is what many people have come to know us for. But The Art House has an ethos based on a belief in the power of art and creativity to play an important role in individual well-being.
Sheffield is a creative city with an amazing sense of community that supports people to be who they want to be. We want to be a part of that positivity and thought it might be good to re visit some of the aims that underpin what we are about. We want people to know what we do and why, and any assistance in getting out that message is always appreciated.

But why is a creative hub in the city important? Why does it matter?

Again and again, research shows that participation in the arts and creative opportunities brings improved health outcomes and an increased sense of well-being for people of all ages. We believe that everyone in our city should have access to this and we aim to provide a venue where people can explore their creativity in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Because engagement in art brings multiple benefits:

Learning and skills development: Engagement in the creative process encourages skills development in other areas such as planning, decision making, problem solving etc. to Our classes and wellbeing groups build on an individual’s assets/strengths and support them learn new skills or develop their new skills and techniques

A Sense of belonging: We support students, over time, to identify routes that allow them to discover their talents and abilities, to learn new skills, to develop their confidence and progress into other classes in the Art House or other local studios, to volunteer and feel part of a wider artistic community.

Meeting others: Our well-being groups provide those who are experiencing mental health issues and those at risk for social exclusion an opportunity to meet with others who have similar interest in art and creativity.
Improved self-esteem and confidence: Progression and learning through creative activity in our space allows students the creative freedom to regain their self-esteem and confidence.

Development of artist identity: We allow people to experiencing art work as an opportunity for self-expression; to engage in art activity that offers ‘time out’ from the preoccupations of everyday life and the develop skills that allow students to reconstruct their personal identity as an artist.

Belonging: Students can take on greater responsibility through volunteering positions within The Art House and build employable skills. They are also able to establish relationships with the wider community through the exhibitions, previews and events made available to all students and the wider arts community.

A safe environment: Where necessary we communicate with support services about a student’s welfare or safeguarding.

If you support our aims and can help us to share what we do, then please share this blog with any friends or family who you think will be interested. We appreciate it!