Talking to Carol Lambert about her exhibition ‘Flowing …. Water’


How did the exhibition come about?

The idea for this exhibition has been in my head for a while and I was looking around for a suitable venue.  I have been to exhibitions by Sheffield Printmakers in the gallery and I loved the space.  Last February I was given money for my birthday towards a trip to China to visit my daughter, she came back to London, so I didn’t go in the end.  I decided to use the money towards the hire of the exhibition spaces at the Art House.  I applied and the first available slot was in February so here I am!

What inspired the work?

I am exhibiting paintings, drawings and prints that all feature Flowing Water, initially inspired by visits to the Island of Gigha on the West Coast of Scotland and the Dingle Peninsula on the West Coast of Ireland, I became fascinated by the streams and rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

A percentage of sales from the exhibition also benefit ‘Water Aid.’ Why did this seem an important thing to do?

A few years ago, I exhibited 2 prints in Water Print an exhibition of prints to raise money for WaterAid.  Through that I got to know Jan Beautyman, who is involved in the local branch of WaterAid.  It seemed fitting to link up with the Charity as my work was in essence, a celebration of Flowing Water.  Jan has been very helpful in advising me how to go about organising this link.

You can see the important, lifesaving work they do here:

We had the Preview for the exhibition on Saturday;  it was very enjoyable, relaxed and friendly and I sold work raising over £100 for WaterAid so far!

Any favourite images of water in famous art?

The picture that comes to mind when thinking about depictions of water by famous artists is a Turner in the Graves Art gallery entitled ‘Festival of the Vintage of the Opening of the Macon’; Supposedly the painting is about the rather insignificant figures in the foreground but really for Turner it is just an excuse to paint the light on the water!

Water is notoriously difficult for artists to capture. Any tips?

The key to successfully capturing water on paper is to closely observe what you see and not what you think it should look like.  Water has no colour and is constantly changing with reflections and light and what lies underneath.

You also teach art – if people want to find you where would they go?

I currently run two classes: The Graves Art Group on Thursday mornings and Art Over 50s Group at Greenhill Methodist Church (in the scout hut) on Monday Mornings.

5 hashtags that best describe  your work?

#Calm  #Unpretentious #Honest #Observed #Contemplative

Sheffield is a very creative city. How does that creative community feel of the city support what you do and what does it bring to your work?

I am very lucky to have a studio at Yorkshire Artspace in Persistence Works.  I am surrounded by creative people and have several close Artist friends.

Which other Sheffield artists / creatives do you draw inspiration from?

I get inspiration from the countryside around Sheffield which is never too far away.  Maybe it is good for me to work in an urban environment that distances me from my subject matter helping me to focus on what is important in the work.

Carol’s Exhibition is showing at The Art House until 22nd February.

See more of her work here: