Spotlight on: Tutors work March 2017 ~ Mary Else


The Art House has an expanding pottery team of tutors that most of the time students will see working away in our studio, teaching  or chasing around the studio trying to find a piece of equipment that has been moved to somewhere “safe” since the last their last class (such is the Bermuda triangle of the Art House pottery studios!!).

But they actually have a life away from us!   So we thought it would be interesting to get a little update on their current work.  So for this month here’s a snippet from Mary Else tutor of our Year Long Ceramics Class and Evening Pottery (Handbuilding) classes!

DSC00544New year new ‘stuff ‘
“Looking out on to my veg patch from my garden studio I am inspired by
the new growth and reminded that I too need to crack on with new work for up and coming shows
Sheffield Open up (end of April /May)
and Sheffield Ceramics Show (September Meersbrook Park) being some of them.  Over the last Year I have been experimenting with different clays, coloured slips, glazes and carving texture to create the ultimate piece”.

Thanks Mary we look forward to seeing the ultimate piece!  😉