Spotlight on: Tutors work (April 2017) ~ Logan Obermeyer



So as most of you know Logan is our Technician and Tutor for throwing and hand-building (he is a busy man as you may also see him wandering the Sheffield Streets in the evening with his guitar looking for an Open Mic gig but that’s a completely different blog!).

Anyway having cornered him whilst he was unpacking yet another kiln we tried to find out what his plans were for his own work this year:

“This year, I will be really trying to establish a portfolio as I make time to create some of my own work. My main goal, so far as making is concerned, is to join my work in sculpture and carving with my improving skills on the wheel. Expect to see some thrown and altered/carved teapots/sets in this next year. Outside of making, I’m also working to help establish a potter’s collective centred around the Arthouse, so that our fine tutors, students, and studio users can have a new opportunity so sell their work”.

Logan will be exhibiting some of his work at the Art House during Open Up 2017 – click link.