Spotlight on: pottery volunteer (March 2017)


IMG_1705Hannah Weber has been volunteering at the Art House since we opened (August 2015).  She will be exhibiting as part of Open Up 2017 this year – but over the last few months has been adding some throwing skills to her background in hand-building.  We asked her to give a little update for the website:

“In order to further develop my ceramic skills and knowledge, I am currently taking part in a beginner’s wheel course at the Art House.

I am enjoying spending sometime learning the ins and outs of using a wheel to make ceramic pieces. I previously attempted to teach myself throwing with the help of instructional YouTube videos, which are very helpful but for me there is no better way to learn a craft than to learn from an experienced tutor who can be at your side offering guidance at those crucial moments! I am proud of the progress I have made in the first few weeks – I feel confident about centring the clay, raising the walls of my pieces and removing them from the wheel. I am looking forward to learning more in the coming weeks and being able to create bigger and better pieces!”

If you want to see Hannah’s latest work then make sure you pop-in to the Art House for Open Up (link).