Sketches, Studies, Samples and Testers………………


An update from the pottery studios (April 2017) – by Sarah Vanic (Pottery Coordinator).

Open studio imageWe’ve recently introduced a process of review meetings for Open Studio members to ensure thy feel their work is progressing as they would like.  Last Thursday I sat down with Louise (an Open Studio member) to share and chat about new developments occurring in her pottery. This is one of my favourite times in the studio. The chance to catch up with members and find out how their clay work is going and the path they take creatively. Louise is so inspiring and on the road to something really exciting. She is a printmaker as well as a potter and is using images from print and then looking at the clay surface and challenging herself to create similar surfaces but on a 3 dimensional form. Louise shared her sketch book with me and some of her tile testers as well as original prints which she cuts up and then uses as maquettes for creating work in clay. I won’t divulge her secrets here, but look out or her in the studio. She is happy to share!

If any Open Studio members would like some time to chat, email me at the Art House ( or sign up on the Open Studio members board . Hope to catch up with you soon!