Radio Sheffield Live from the Art House


katA little bleary-eyed we arrived at the Art House at 5.30am for a live feature on Toby Fosters breakfast show for intrepid reported Kat Cowens to throw a pot live on air. Luckily Kat had some experience of pottery and was raring to get stuck in and have a go under the calm and wise tuition of our own Sarah Vanic. Check it out on this link Kat throwing a pot.

IMG_0709It was a great morning, and once the recording was done Kat really got focused on making her pot. Even Graham, the arch “I can’t do art” gloomster had a go and with much more luck than judgement produced a fine looking cigarette/peanut/fluff from under your settee holding thing.

Perhaps due to this great publicity our pottery courses are almost full and we’re taking bookings for November and even January, so book quickly before they all go.