Online & In Person Art Courses


Online & In Person Art Courses


Following the latest government guidance, our building is closed from Wednesday 4th November – 3rd December.

The safety of our participants and staff continues to be our number 1 priority.  We look forward to welcoming you again as soon as we can.

If you have booked an ‘in-house’ class during this time, we will credit your account and will be in touch when we have new dates to offer you.

We still have plenty to book onto and clay take-away to create at home whilst we’re all looking after ourselves, our family and our NHS.

We will be adding to our ‘virtual tuition’ offer below. Keep your eye on this page and click the link below to let us know what other classes you would like to see!


Interested in ‘in-person’ art classes?  click here.

How to book your course:   To book and pay please click on the preferred course link below – if you have a gift voucher please see bottom of page for further instructions. By booking on a course you are confirming that you have read and agree to our payment terms and conditions, cancellation, refunds and privacy policy set out at the bottom of the page.

Kundalini Yoga sessions with Helen Politt

Helen is offering a short course of 3 Kundalini Yoga sessions for people to experience this type of yoga.

‘Kundalini is the yoga of awareness and by working on our breath, postures, mantras and meditation we bring about harmony and awareness to our body and minds and also become more aware and harmonious with others and the world around us. I love the vast range of Kundalini kriyas (yoga sets) which have altogether had a profound impact on me. I want to share my yoga experiences and through my teaching I aim to serve and help others to discover this transformative practice and to feel nourished and balanced.  You will need a yoga mat and a cushion/block and blanket would be useful. This course is suitable for beginners as well as for those with yoga experience. The 3 classes are created as a sequence but you are welcome to try any one of them as a single taster.

Helen’s Teacher profile:
I have been committed to my yoga practice for the past 30 years. Five years ago I completed British Wheel of yoga teacher training foundation year.  Then in September 2019 I began the year long Kundalini Yoga training course and I am now qualified to teach. I have recently been teaching Yoga at Chesterfield Royal Hospital  Hartington inpatient Unit, when redeployed in my role as an NHS Occupational Therapist.

10.30am – 12noon
£10 per taster session, click on the dates below to book:
Saturday 5th December
Saturday 12th December
Saturday 19th December

Notice: We want these sessions to be accessible for everyone, so if the cost is an issue, please email us at:

ZOOM: INTERIOR DESIGN with Mark Beachell

Coming soon! Express your interest here

An intensive short course on how to think like an interior designer.
This course is not about trends or styling, this teaches you timeless and universal principles of design that can be applied to any space.
Typically an illustrated talk followed by straightforward exercises to apply what you have learnt.

We will cover:
1 Colour. The psychological and symbolic power of colour and how precisely to create relationships between colour to create the effect you want.
2  Style.  How ideas of historic styles and visual language give you straightforward principles to design a space that evokes the mood you choose.
3 Mood. ways of clarifying personal style and making it work with the space you have.
4.Space. How to think like an architect. A practical exercise in reconfiguring a space, but without the noise and dust.
5.Visualising. The tools of the trade, communicating your design to others.
6. Bringing it together. An opportunity to work through a personal project with others on your course.

Suitable for anyone, all you need is paper and a pencil to make notes!





WORLD CERAMICS with Krishna Alageswaran

A six week course exploring pottery and ceramic sculpture produced by many cultures from ancient times to the present, examining the historical and social context the work was produced with reference to techniques and materials used and influences on the work. Mankind has worked with clay for many centuries producing vessels for cooking, eating and drinking and also for religious rituals. The material lends itself to be formed into many shapes with extraordinary decorations and colours. The use of coloured slips, the development of glazes and the building of kilns will be discussed. This course will introduce you to the many delights of the ceramic world.

Course content:

  • Neolithic to Roman Pottery
  • Middle Eastern and Pre Columbian ceramics
  • Asian and African pottery
  • British ceramics
  • American Ceramics
  • Sheffield Ceramic Artists

New dates will be added soon

Please note: your tutor Krishna will send you an email with the invitation to the Zoom class on the morning of the first session.  By registering, you are giving The Art House your consent to share your email with the tutor.

ZOOM: Drawing Techniques with Mark Beachell
Express your interest here

When everyone has a camera why do we draw?
Cameras have been around a long time but drawing is going strong.
This course will teach you to draw by exploring techniques, media and conventions from  those used by renaissance artists through to cutting edge thinking about what drawing might be. Did you know you could draw with a silver spoon?
What about perspective? Or perspectives… all five… maybe six.
The sixth is the colour of distance, (same colour as Nitrogen if you were wondering?)
And how can you draw a thing really convincingly by drawing anything but the thing?
What can ordnance survey maps teach you about life drawing, and how can the game of battleships or a shaving mirror get your lines in the right place? How can a photocopier teach you to see properly?
We will learn all the obvious things you might expect of course, but just not starting from, or ending in, the obvious place.

Creative Practice Course with Colette Cameron

This online course is about helping you to explore ways of generating creative responses to ideas and themes.  Combining observational exercises, mark making practices, and imagination, Colette will guide you each week with a theme and a set of techniques. You will be working in different formats, and with a broad range of materials, often using mixed media.
Discover how an initial theme can be used as a springboard. Learn how to follow the tread of an idea and turn it  into your own personal response. Includes guided projects, breakout rooms, live demos, and space to share. Join us on this fascinating journey, and exercise your creative muscle

You will need a basic range of art materials including paint, pencils, coloured drawing materials, ink or biro, scissors and glue. All abilities welcome, curiosity more important than skill. Ideal if you have a creative urge but don’t know where to start

Thursdays 6pm – 8pm (7 weeks)
3rd December – 28th January (2 week break over festive period)

Portraits and Self Portraits with Colette Cameron

This online course contains well crafted exercises that will help you explore portraiture through a range of approaches, techniques, and drawing materials. From the lively sketch to the detailed study, the sessions are designed by Colette to be fun, expansive, informative, inspiring. The course includes guided projects, breakout rooms, live demos, and space to share.

‘We have SO ENJOYED your class – it really does us both good and I really feel I’ve improved. A huge thank you.’
‘You’re a great teacher – just the right mix of structure and encouragement to be bold’
(Feedback from recent participants)

Mondays 10am – 12noon (7 weeks)
7th December – 1st February (2 week break over festive period)


ART TALKS with Mark Beachell

Aimed mainly at participants who have attended the introductory art talks, these are illustrated and interactive discussions around themes in art and related creative practices. each session will look at a theme and explore how creatives from different times, places and disciplines have approached the topic
These talks are easily accessible but present ancient, traditional, contemporary and sometimes challenging ideas and images. They will introduce you to new artists, and new thinking about art. They might even inspire you to think about new ways of you making art.

Session 1
The Avant-Garde: Or How the outrageous, challenging and cutting edge became the poster boys for culture.

Session 2
Abstract! Or how the spirit world and the CIA conspired to make Jackson Pollock rich.

Session 3
Orientalism. Or how to steal from other countries beautifully.

Session 4
Dystopia. Or basically painting the world in its disfunctional glory, but not as bad as this year obviously.

Session 5
Winter. a history of Art through looking at winter. Winter is coming.

Session 6
Sacred geometry. Somewhere in the space between magic and science, the belief that there is a plan behind it all, after all.

12th November – 17th December (6 weeks)
7.00pm – 8.30pm (approximate times allow for continued discussion)



Learn to paint beautiful spring blossom and a colourful Blue Tit using wet in wet watercolour techniques.

Once you book on an individual demonstration you will receive a link to the specific video with step by step written instructions and a reference photo.

You can watch the video whenever you choose and as often as you like.



Learn how to paint a Summer Meadow in acrylics. You’ll also learn how to add texture to your paint and use a simple printing technique for the stems.

Once you book on an individual demonstration you will receive a link to the specific video with step by step written instructions and a reference photo. You can watch the video whenever you choose and as often as you like.



Learn to paint a windmill against a dramatic sky using watercolours and watercolour pencils. You’ll also learn how to use masking fluid and create wet in wet washes to produce this atmospheric scene

Once you book on an individual demonstration you will receive a link to the specific video with step by step written instructions and a reference photo. You can watch the video whenever you choose and as often as you like.



Learn to paint these wild horses galloping towards you with lots of movement to the brush and palette knife work. You will also learn two different drawing techniques to draw the horses in the correct proportions.

Once you book on an individual demonstration you will receive a link to the specific video with step by step written instructions and a reference photo. You can watch the video whenever you choose and as often as you like.



Draw this expressive portrait of a miner using charcoal. Learn how to draw the correct proportions of the face by creating an ‘arabesque’ and create a range of textural effects and tonal gradations using the wonderfully expressive medium of willow charcoal.

Once you book on an individual demonstration you will receive a link to the specific video with step by step written instructions and a reference photo. You can watch the video whenever you choose and as often as you like.


Payments: All courses or workshops must be fully paid in advance and all major cheques, cash and credit/debit cards are acceptable methods of payment. To pay by cheque please click here to download a booking form and send back with a cheque made payable to “St Matthews House Ltd”.  You can also drop in Monday – Friday from 11am – 3pm to pay in person.

If you have an Art House gift voucher please follow the instructions below:
• Pay the full price of the course online.
• Email us prior to the course date to tell us you have used a voucher.
• Bring the voucher with you on the day to receive your cash back.

Cancellation and refunds: If you wish to cancel your place on a course you must do so at least 14 days before the course starts in order to receive a full refund. Cancellation must be made in writing or email. If you require a refund we will charge £15 administrative fee. Alternatively you may transfer your booking to another course free of charge.

If you cancel your place less than 14 days before your course starts, you will only receive a refund of 50% course fee (or 50% of the fee value to transfer to an alternative course).  If you require a refund we will charge £15 administrative fee or you can transfer your booking to another course free of charge.

After a course begins we do not offer any refund unless in exceptional circumstances. 

If we have to cancel a course for any reason, then you will receive a full refund with no administrative fee deducted.

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