Online Art Courses using Zoom


Online Art Courses using Zoom

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WORLD CERAMICS with Krishna Alageswaran

A six week course exploring pottery and ceramic sculpture produced by many cultures from ancient times to the present, examining the historical and social context the work was produced with reference to techniques and materials used and influences on the work. Mankind has worked with clay for many centuries producing vessels for cooking, eating and drinking and also for religious rituals. The material lends itself to be formed into many shapes with extraordinary decorations and colours. The use of coloured slips, the development of glazes and the building of kilns will be discussed. This course will introduce you to the many delights of the ceramic world.

Course content:

  • Neolithic to Roman Pottery
  • Middle Eastern and Pre Columbian ceramics
  • Asian and African pottery
  • British ceramics
  • American Ceramics
  • Sheffield Ceramic Artists

22nd September – 27th October
6.30pm – 8.30pm

ART TALKS Pt 1 with Mark Beachell

Session 1
Period style classical to postmodernism
The first session is about period style. It will actually focus on architecture. We take the idea that a building is an idea made concrete. This is so you can learn the styles that cut across all culture. at the end of the session you will know: Classicism, Romanesque, Gothic, renaissance, baroque, rococo, neoclassical, eclectic, arts and crafts, art nouveau, art deco, modernism, postmodern, and whatever nameless mess we are in today. I can show slides and you can heckle/ contribute/ ask awkward questions…

Session 2
Period style in western painting
The second session will look at how the arts follow the same pattern, It follows that all the things that you would find in a building would look like they belonged in it. So western painting broadly conforms to the same rules of period style that we see in architecture. The same goes for the decorative arts of course. All creative output reflects the predominant ideas and values of the time. We will see how painting reflects the same ideas as are embodied in the buildings it is situated in.

Session 3
Post impressionism to late modernity. (The isms )
The closer we get to our era the more complex and fragmented the art world gets. This is when the schools or isms predominate. ( post impressionism, expressionism, surrealism…)  we will discuss how responding to the modern world split artists into camps about what art is for. you may drink Absinth mid session.

Session 4
What is Modern art for?
Now on session 4 things get interesting, I expect heckling to flare up here. Another take on modernity focusing on the more challenging expressions of art and the debates around what art for the modern world should be for. You can smoke French cigarettes here.

Session 5
Contemporary art. Trying to make sense of now.
Continuing the theme of how 20th Century modernist perspectives have established practices which are now the mainstay of contemporary art. after this session you may wear a cravat.

Thereafter, safe in the knowledge that we know the big picture and can confidently bring an informed understanding to anything we see. we can look at specific timeless themes in art like ideas of beauty or the representation of gardens, art and film, colour, physical landscape as art…

”It was excellent. Mark’s a great presenter…made the whole thing feel very relaxed and learnt loads. All the technology worked really well. Looking forward to next week” (participant comment)

24th September – 22nd October
7pm – 8.30pm (approximate times allow for continued discussion)

ART TALKS Pt 2 with Mark Beachell

1 Process – how do artists go about making art.
2 Colour. colour in art, symbolism, pigments and perception.
3 Photography as art.
4 Western sculpture from ancient Greek to contemporary.
5 The Rules. how style is a product of strict rules.

Mark read art history at Cambridge prior to taking a masters in contemporary fine art practice. Now a lecturer in visual studies across a range of disciplines and institutions alongside a highly diverse multidisciplinary practice. This ranges from working in techniques that would be recognised in the renaissance through to creating sculpture from satellite data.

Course aim
Participants will gain a historical perspective on how movements in (western) art reflect the dominant ideas of the time.
Further you will gain critical perspectives about how we judge art. what makes good art? What is art for? How is it actually made? You will see beautiful things and you will see challenging things and be able to make an informed judgement about them.

A presentation on a topic with a live commentary. participants are encouraged to participate just as you would in an informal discussion around a table or in a gallery space. The tone of the session is to make the topic as accessible, sociable and straightforward as can be.

Who’s it for?
Anyone with an interest in art or culture in general. If you enjoy looking at paintings, sculpture, buildings, furniture, films… This course gives you a straightforward, down to earth insight into a breadth of creative output and will change how you view the world.

November 5th – December 10th (6 weeks)

Mindful Photography Level Two – Seeing with the Heart
With Don Murray

This follows on from the Level One Art of Mindful Photography course so would be ideal for anyone who has covered the basics with Don in Level one.

What do you need?
A camera – obviously – but anything will do as long as you can make decent quality pictures with it and upload them. Phones are fine.

Access to Zoom and a Flickr account. Flickr is an online photo sharing platform which is free to use. You will be invited to post your images regularly to a private Flickr group.

A willingness to share. This is not a group where we will be critiquing each other’s work, but we all benefit if we participate in the group discussions and forums. This is really good practice in itself. The vibe will be supportive and friendly.

What is involved?
Well, besides the regular Zoom meetings, there will be photo assignments to complete, each with a theme. We move on from level one to explore the world of nature, people, places and things. The assignments are designed to help you connect emotionally with your subject and develop a closer connection with the visual world. Hence the title “Seeing with the Heart”. I will share and comment on some of the images posted on the group Flickr page and provide feedback where I can. There might be some optional haiku writing involved for those who are interested in the idea of matching images with words.

Dates and times
Saturdays, 10.00 to 11.00 am.
5th & 19th September, 3rd, 17th, 31st October, 9th November.

This course is being run to help contribute funds to the Art House appeal. The course fee is £30 But please consider giving more if you can.


If you would like to/are able to contribute more, please donate via our  ‘GoFundMe’ fundraising page

with Colette Cameron

This 7 week course will enable you to explore essential aspects of portrait drawing, from learning about the basic structure of the head to using expressive techniques, and taking inspiration from renowned artists. We approach this subject with fun and curiosity so that we can enjoy exploring this fascinating subject, rather than get nervous about what can seem like a daunting topic. Colette has moved to online classes since the spring and has discovered the advantages of learning from home – you can contact her if you want to have a go but are not sure about using zoom, or other aspects of online classes.

Feedback from Colette’s recent online class participants ‘it was lovely to be drawing yesterday – the class helped me to be relaxed and concentrate’ Laura; ‘I love your relaxed approach and it pushes me to have a go at things i probably wouldn’t make time for at home alone’ Emma

Wednesdays, 10am – 12noon
2nd September – 14th October
£70 (7 week course)

DRAWING FOR BEGINNERS with Colette Cameron

This 7 week course is designed with all the ingredients to get you seeing and drawing the world around you. It includes proportions, tonal values, perspective, quality of line, classic pitfalls to avoid, and much more. And it’s full of encouragement and years of experience from an expert tutor.
Colette has moved to online classes since the spring and has discovered the advantages of learning from home – you can contact her if you want to have a go but are not sure about using zoom, or other aspects of online classes.

Pencils at the ready – all you need to get drawing!

Wednesdays, 6 – 8pm
2nd September – 14th October
£70 (7 week course)


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