Our Interior Design Five Golden Rules


We have a 6 week Interior Design Course starting at The Art House on the 19th April. You can read a previous blog post about it here: https://www.arthousesheffield.co.uk/hands-on-interior-design-course-starts-19th-april/

We asked tutor Mark Beachell for his five golden rules of Interior Design. All of these concepts will be covered in the course and, by the end, will come naturally to you.

1: Visualise.
We are very visual creatures and taking time to connect with the space will help you to understand how things will (or won’t work). We’ll teach you how to do it like an interior designer in a way that works.

2: Ask what is this for?
Take time to think about the function of objects, decoration and space.

3: Apply the rules – brutally if necessary.
Interior Design isn’t guess work. An understanding of some very simple rules can transform the way you see a space or the things you put in it. And then, once you know the rules, if you have the confidence to apply them then you’ll see amazing things happen. Again – the course will equip you with them.

4: Be uncompromising.
Interior design should be exciting. It should be personal. Our course will show you how to be brave!

5: Don’t care what you think other people think, it’s your life so stop trying to please other people.
You can still book on the course – CLICK HERE!