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Our Art and Pottery Tutors

Colette Cameron

I have devised and delivered art workshops for over 20 years. What I have learnt over the years is that the biggest obstacle to creativity is self – judgment, which dampens enthusiasm and prevents progress, and takes the fun out of it!

My focus is to help participants to learn to approach the creative process with a sense of freedom; freedom to explore, to make mistakes, to experiment and let the work evolve. Once you make friends with the idea that you will make mistakes you stop holding yourself back.

A good question to ask is how can we bring a sense of wonder and curiosity towards the world and our work.

I paint in watercolour (with ink, oil pastel and wax resist) I’m inspired by traditional Japanese and Chinese ink painting, and my relationship with the natural world informs my work. Keeping things spontaneous helps me find my authentic voice

I love teaching at the art house, especially; the wonderful creative atmosphere from different activities going on all over the building, enthusiastic participants, fantastically supportive team in the office, well designed art studio, well stocked resources, and great cakes!

“Colette is a wonderful teacher. She’s encouraging and obviously bases her teaching on experience. Very enjoyable. I learned a great deal”


Online Classes using Zoom

Drawing Classes: Tuesday mornings and Tuesday evenings. For anyone who has learnt the basics of drawing and wants to practice.

Watercolour Classes: Thursday mornings. Suitable for beginners and also  anyone who wants to experiment and loosen up. Learning how to create lively and expressive paintings.

You will need to set up a Zoom account on your computer, tablet or phone – its actually quite simple and I can help you before the class to get extablished.

For Zoom classes during the current health crisis, visit Colette’s website:

Mark Beachell

Mark Beachell read art history at Cambridge followed by a masters in contemporary fine art at Sheffield Hallam institute of art and design. He is a lecturer in critical and contextual studies. His practice is driven by exploring ideas about science, time, exploration and the notion of the sublime. Many images derive from journeys taken in pursuit of a larger project, projects which may involve climbing an erupting volcano, searching for evidence of a meteorite impact or experiencing an alpine storm. Mark works in wide range of media, traditional and contemporary. Above all the work is driven by the pursuit of beauty.

Mark currently teaches the popular ‘Painting Techniques’ and the new ‘Art appreciation talks’ course.

Mia James

I worked in local music venues for many years as a Stage Manager but in 2002 I felt it was time to stop carrying drum kits and bass amps, so applied for a teacher training course at Sheffield Hallam University.  I taught Art & Design in a Sheffield secondary school for several years, until it closed. I had noticed the enhanced learning and engagement at my afterschool clubs and the extended learning opportunities for the children, and applied and received funding for DJ’ing workshops, animation projects, working with a wide range of artists outside of the classroom including metalworkers, potters and poets.

Some of the best opportunities for the children came from collaborations with or workshops at Museums Sheffield.  I loved the learning I saw at these events especially ones that appealed to my interest in wildlife.  I wanted to work with a wider age range and in different venues so after school closure I worked as a freelancer for Museums Sheffield, as a private tutor for adult learners and was employed by a local charity working with refugees, asylum seekers and new arrivals.

For the past few years I have been self-employed as an Art Tutor and have done courses or workshops in parks, graveyards, pubs, private homes, university halls, shops and at The Art House! I have mainly run fabric printmaking workshops and have met and worked with some amazing participants. I have seen such lovely work created and have photos of prints which inspire me still / wish were mine.  It’s such a nice place to work, I like walking down the little cobbled street, seeing the artwork, feeding the pigeons and walking through the cheerful cafe with delicious food up to the art studio.

I love collage projects, working with found materials and block and collagraph printmaking. I really enjoy making moodboards (this would be my dream job) and developing new projects and resources. I make my own printing blocks for the chosen theme and would like to claim to be open minded to all possibilities but I have to admit most are inspired by woodlands, wildlife and birds. I love birds and tell people bird stories when they didn’t ask and didn’t want to know. I do some of my own prints onto fabric or plywood and sell online or at local events. I print pigeons, sparrows, starlings, budgies and corvids but I am not obsessed; I occasionally print foxes, whippets and mice!

John Kerr

My work ranges through various media from watercolours and oil painting to photography.  The immediacy of photography allows me to explore many different areas from portraiture to landscape. I have always loved black and white photographs and still use traditional film.  Water has always fascinated me and many of my paintings depict water in its many forms and how the human figure relates to it. Distortion, reflection, movement and colour are subjects I often return to. The human figure, whether in, submerged or simply near water is a source of constant inspiration. I love to be by the sea.  I am inspired by many painters from Leonardo da Vinci and Giovanni Bellini to Lucian Freud and Stanley Spencer.

John currently teaches two popular water-colour courses at the Art House:  ‘The Art of Water-colour’ and ‘Further Techniques in Water-colour’.

Anna Massey

I am a freelance Artist and Art Tutor creating paintings, drawings and prints inspired by colour, light and the natural world.  My past has led me through many art disciplines: a degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University, my own business in eco paints and murals and working as a Senior Tutor, teaching painting and drawing.  Now as a freelance tutor I continue to run painting and drawing courses, workshops and painting holidays and produce and exhibit my work across Sheffield and the Peak District.

I teach ‘Drawing for the Terrified’ and ‘Watercolours for the Terrified’ at the Art House. I enjoy being part of the Art House community and I love giving people the opportunity to try out something they may not have done since school. Seeing my students gain confidence, produce work they are proud of and support each other in the classes is the best part of my job!

I am now offering Online Art Courses. Find out more and book at

Throughout May I am also offering a Daily Drawing Challenge. This will be run as a closed Facebook group and you can book your place here


Carl Flint

Carl has been working in the creative industries for longer than he cares to remember. After completing a graphic design degree in Leeds he moved to London where he worked as a freelance illustrator for publications ranging from Radio Times, Punch, and Readers Digest to New Musical Express, Select, and Sonic the Comic for which he created over fifty covers and numerous comic strips featuring Sega-owned properties and newly originated characters. More recently the focus of his work has moved towards storyboarding, mainly for TV commercials and channel branding. Amongst other work Carl storyboarded the award winning Atlas channel idents for Channel 4 in 2004. Other clients include Disney, Ridley Scott & Associates and Nickelodeon.

Whilst in London Carl ran the Children’s Book Illustration course at the City Lit in Holburn and also lectured at Chelsea College of Art and South Thames College.

In 2004 Carl moved to Malmö in Sweden, and then later to Gothenburg where he continued to create artwork for advertising and publishing for international clients. Carl has been living and working in Sheffield since 2012 and is currently working on a weekly series ‘Mobilisterna’ for the weekend magazine of the Gothenburg Post and also providing illustrations for the children’s books series ‘Barnen i Lyckeskolan’ (the Children of Luckyschool).

Areas of particular interest include comics, animation, film and cake.


I began working at the Art House in April 2019 and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.  It’s been great to meet students from different backgrounds with different skill levels and experience – I enjoy working with them all and hopefully nurturing and encouraging them. For me illustration is all about the ideas and the creative process, I’m constantly surprised and impressed by what the students come up with! I hope the lessons are enjoyable, entertaining and informative.

I’ve been running the Children’s Book Illustration course on a regular basis and will continue later in the year. We’ve also done sessions and workshops on Caricature, Character Design and Drawing Wildlife. I hope to expand this range with more off-beat workshops such as the forthcoming Star Draws life-drawing session.’

Rob Smith: Creative Writing Tutor (and all-round nice chap!)

I have been involved with creative writing since I was a child, (although I didn't know it at the time) I had my first poem published in the 70s, and my work has appeared in various magazines, pamphlets, and poetry anthologies.  

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have more work published, I was a regular guest on the Radio Sheffield Poetry slot with the legendary Rony Robinson.

I formed the duo The Obbsessives, which mixed the spoken word with music, we appeared at many clubs, bars and festivals culminating with appearances at The Glastonbury Festival.

I have edited several poetry magazines and been a judge for various organisations. I have also taught creative writing at a number of Schools and colleges, (and coffee bars!) throughout Yorkshire.

After being a judge of one particular competition, my payment was a cardboard box which held twelve bottles of Henderson’s Relish - I have often thought that this was possibly my finest hour!

I have a lifelong fascination with words, how they work, and how you can use them to paint pictures made from sound. 

At university I studied, Literary Criticism, Literary Theory, Sociolinguistics, The History of the Novel, The History of Drama, The History of Poetry, Creative Writing and 19th Century Literature in relation to The Pre Raphaelite-Movement.

I was the editor for the in-house poetry magazine, and was also the host to many on site poetry evenings. 

My style of teaching is to have a relaxed, no pressure, informal approach, members of the group have to find the workshops enjoyable otherwise there is no point.

I always try to make my workshops fun as well as helpful and instructive, many people don’t realise that we are surrounded by poetry every day, many people don’t realise that actually they can not only write poetry, or stories, or plays but the things they create are relevant to everybody and as such, have great merit. 

Pottery Tutors

Mike Scown - Pottery Manager

Mike Scown is a self-taught potter who has been working with clay for about five years, starting out in his garden shed and building a wood-fuelled kiln from scrap house bricks.  In October 2014 he joined the Yorkshire Artspace Starter Studio Programme for Ceramics, a two-year business development platform, and upon completion moved into a studio on the top floor of the Art House, where he currently produces thrown tableware in stoneware and porcelain alongside teaching throwing and raku classes in the evenings.  His main interest in ceramics is in the development of glazes and the firing process, and his current aim is to get the small gas kiln that he recently built to behave itself.

Mike currently teaches a number of pottery courses including our pottery wheel throwing classes for beginners, advanced throwing classes with porcelain and raku firing classes.

Charlotte Berry - Pottery Tutor

I have been making pots and getting better at it for the last thirty years or so. I learned with a variety of great tutors teaching in adult education to supplement their own making in London and Sheffield.

Working as a pottery tutor and maker is a later life career, following a couple of decades teaching English in Sheffield’s secondary schools. Early retirement from school teaching and the kids growing up enabled me to take the leap and establish a workshop at home where I began running pottery classes and making and selling my own work.

My work is mostly thrown and decorated with coloured slips which I paint, trail and scratch through to create pots for the house and garden.

Working at the Art House is a privilege. Stepping through the door, you are immediately aware that you are in a creative space from the cafe menus and cakes to the exhibitions held, and the vast array of creative courses being held on any given day throughout the building from creative writing to painting and pottery, to macramé, spinning and pretty much every creative skill you can think of inbetween.

There is something for everyone to help express their creativity, young and old, the doing of which makes them happy.

The pottery studios are roomy, well equipped and the technical support first rate. I enjoy my beginner’s wheel courses and how the participant’s cups and bowls get bigger over the weeks (!) and how the decoration begins to reflect each participant’s artistic aesthetic as they gain more control and independence. In my hand build classes, we are generally working to a theme like pots for the garden or pots for the kitchen. Here, the aim is to make functional and decorative ware and despite starting from the same first principals, the work produced is always so different and reflective of the maker.

If you would like to see my most recent work follow me on Instagram or look up my website.


Hannah Weber

Inspired by my local environment, in 2004 I did a degree in Textile Crafts (after firstly completing a BTEC in General Art and Design), where I specialised in weaving.  Over the years I have also tried many other types of art and craft – printing, sewing, film photography and felting, to name just a few.

When the Art House opened in 2015, I became a pottery volunteer, which has had such a positive impact on me – meeting others with a shared admiration of ceramics has been so inspiring. I love being around clay, in a studio environment and in an educational setting.  The ceramic art I currently make is highly influenced by my background in textiles – I make jewellery by knotting and weaving with clay, put my handmade ceramic pendants onto cords that I carefully braid and my buttons are created with the hope that one day they will adorn handmade clothing, bags and other accessories. Like the ‘treasure’ I collect, my pieces look as though they have been weathered by nature – it’s as though water has worn their edges, the sun has bleached them and time has allowed them to acquire patina.

Tom James

Until the Art House came into my life nearly 4 years ago, my whole life was about music. I’m a composer, horn player, music teacher, pianist but now I am also a pottery fanatic!

I started wheel classes at the Art House after a debilitating back injury, and found it so relaxing and inspiring that I continued both throwing and handbuilding and started practising every hour in the day I could find. I’ve been in the building almost every day for 3 years.

As a dare to myself, I applied for the 2020 Great Pottery Throw Down, and after several nervewracking auditions, won a place on the show! It was a fantastic experience, and has completely changed how I view my own work. I have more confidence in my abilities and realise that pottery should become a branch of my career.

I am starting to tutor classes when the Art House reopens, and hope to run classes on my current obsession – making unusual and functional flutes and ocarinas!


Mary Else

Hi, my name is Mary Else and I’m one of the pottery tutors here at the Art House. I have taught several classes in Pottery, surfaces decoration and glazing, beginners and advanced hand building and various hand building projects in clay.

My work

My pieces are slab and coil built. I use different layers of glazes, oxides, slips and under glazes to achieve a varied colourful surface. New work also includes a variety of clay bodies. My current work is influenced by natural elements and formations, such as rock, shell and fish shapes, seed pods cats and music. With all of my work, colour, form and texture are of equal importance to me. I always wish to create a whole piece in which the colour is part of the form, both inside and out. I also allow the material and its properties to guide where the work will go. This determines the colour and shapes/patterns used. I take part in Sheffield Open up every year and have found that it’s a great way to promote yourself and meet with the public. I have been creating with clay for a long time!

Some of my favourite Ceramic Artists include Lucie Rie, Mo Jupp and Grayson Perry.

Amanda Packham

In my degree in sculpture I focussed on ceramics as a second subject and chose to persue a career in teaching, working with diverse groups in the community of Edinburgh. I went on to work in secondary education in Hampshire and then Glasgow. I have worked in specialist education at Freeman college, and then retraining in Horticulture to work at Seven Hills school. I have worked with primary age to Open College students.

My work is influenced by my horticultural and architectural interests. When building I focus on weight and balance mixing different clay, grog and local clay to tint surfaces. The pieces I produce are strip coiled and slab built, abstract organic in nature and incorporate oxides to enhance texture. I have been producing work for over 35 years and have exhibited in galleries and exhibitions in Dundee, Edinburgh, Manchester, Hampshire and Sheffield.

Michael Randle

I have been involved in ceramics for seventeen years now and I am still learning different techniques and ways of creating pieces using glazes, slips, clays, underglazes and oxides.

My preferred method of creating has always been the pottery wheel and have worked toward a production pottery style of throwing and strive to make my work usable, beautiful and affordable.

As well as teaching throwing at the Art House I have a small studio I built three years ago. I retired from the N.H.S. two years ago where I worked in an adult acute mental health hospital facilitating pottery sessions for patients as a therapeutic activity, patients found this helpful and a considerable number of people continued working with clay as an art form and as a therapeutic activity on leaving hospital. My work can be viewed at the Art House and on my Instagram site.

Mick currently teaches a number of advanced pottery wheel throwing classes at the Art House.

Loretta Mayfield

I became involved with The Art House doing a figurative sculpture course taught by Krishna Alageswaran in 2017 I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It reminded me of how much I had enjoyed working with clay, when I’d studied A level sculpture. However after foundation I took a different path and did my degree in graphics. The figurative sculpture course at The Art House inspired me to reconnect with a creative community and to be amongst like minded people and to continue my own practice in clay sculpting.

I became a pottery volunteer at The Art House I supported a young woman and enabled her to develop her drawings of animals into sculptures. During these sessions I worked along side Hanna. We enjoyed an enriching experience together and we both had solo exhibitions at The Art House. During my experience as a volunteer my confidence grew. I learnt about studio housekeeping the use of glazes and different firing techniques. I developed new approaches to teaching and demonstrating hand building. But most importantly I had found a place I fit and felt valued amongst a group of caring non judgmental friendly people.

An opportunity to teach the creative potters group came up at The Art House. I have enjoyed being a support worker with adults and children with mental and physical disabilities. I started teaching in November 2019. It is a friendly and supportive group for people who are experiencing on going mental health issues, teaching the creative potters allows me the opportunity to use my experience working with people and my knowledge of art and crafts, also the privilege to work with a lovely group of people in a creative friendly environment.

My favourite subjects to make are figurative either of family members or animals. I draw from life when possible. I also draw from images on the internet. I usually start by making two clay pinch pots which I join to make hollow bodies, adding limbs and a head to make the basic form. I like to challenge my self to make a series of objects decreasing in size until my hands can’t make one any smaller. I enjoy the feel of the cold damp clay in my hands, and my sense of connection to the earth, nature and history. From something so basic something precious might evolve.

Vanessa Veeren

My background is varied, as with most of our team.  Having studied art in its many forms, from life drawing to graphic design, textiles, wood and metalwork to name but a few - I found my passion was in ceramics. I trained in Art and Design to degree level, specialising in Ceramics and Business. This eventually led to myself and my partner setting up a ceramic business. Though clay is close to my heart, my caring nature also needed nurturing, and took me down other paths; working for our wonderful NHS in various guises. I enjoy seeing the transformation that can be found through art, listening, or even through giving a simple hug. Knowing I have helped people ease their way back to ‘a better place to be’ has always given me a great sense of purpose and peace.  Though times are not always bright, I tend to focus on sharing as much caring, love and positivity as I can muster through my art.

My current work as a ceramic designer and general lover of all things creative, is currently inspired by nature and space… (of the final frontier kind, for all you Star Trek lovers), but also geared towards a study of healing arts. Being a Holistic Therapist, I use my artwork everyday to surround people who are in need, with all the colour, to help make people smile. I work in oils and sometimes watercolour when it comes to paintings; mainly producing large oil paintings in a Fine Art kind of way.  As you can probably tell by now I am, at heart, a flower power, peace loving, hippy chick that had the luck to stumble upon The Art House by way of a Sarah Vanic podcast. I was researching possible studio spaces in Sheffield. I had been caring for my mum and others for sometime and needed a creative space to ‘just be'. I needed time alone, to spend some much needed creative time with clay. Of course, it didn’t take long for The Art House to work its magic, and during my time as an Open Studio member, I realised I could do so much to help and support others in need. I wanted to give something back to this lovely space and became a volunteer, going wherever needed; and I have created many small pieces of ceramic work, ranging from vases, bowls and the like, playing about with surface patterns and designs with glazes made by our very own Mike Scown; to wind chimes based on leaves & feathers… yes, they do actually work!

So, my dears, you will find me pottering away or some such thing, in our beautifully bright and sunny pottery department on the middle and top floors of our dear Art House.

I am positive my mum, bless her soul, led me to this wonderful space to play with clay, to heal: so if you need help to calm your mind, body & soul while learning new skills or simply building on ones you already have, this is the place to be. As you can see, all the members come from the heart in their desire to help you build yourself back up, to lead positive and inspiring lives….

Helen Pollitt

I make my own mainly functional stoneware including cups, bowls and teapots, but also some more decorative hand-built and sculptural pieces such as candlesticks and birdbaths. I also make pots for cacti and succulents which I grow and propagate. I make my own glazes and I fire in an electric kiln.

I have really loved working at the Art House on Thursday evenings as the tutor for the beginners throwing class. I have also enjoyed teaching some pottery classes previously at the Art House in collaboration with Mind as well as some summer classes with children and some family sessions both of which have been fun and rewarding.

I think working with clay and making pots has a therapeutic quality that rewards the individual.  My style of teaching pottery is person centred. I try to tune in with what each individual needs to help them develop in a way that suits them and allows them to progress. This is an approach I have developed over a number of years through teaching pottery to adults and children and working as an Occupational Therapist within mental health, autism and learning disability services.

Marcin Szuba 

I believe that artists should follow their talent and a teacher points the way along this path by setting visual problems for students to solve. Over the years I met many students and all of them saw, responded and interpreted world in a new and unique way. Being able to help them on their way to develop as artists and to achieve their goals is what I find fascinating in being a tutor at The Art House.


I earned MA in Fine Art, Painting from Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. I studied anatomy of human body, techniques of the old masters and technology of painting. I spend long hours on drawing the human form and still life. Most of all I learned to paint people, landscape in plain air and still life using mainly oil paints. I painted alla prima, inspired mainly by postimpressionists. I also learned by looking at paintings in The Hermitage, Prado, Ufizzi and Alte Pinakothek among others.


In my paintings I focus on painting imaginary landscapes using oil paints. I am inspired by the natural world and I am interested in colour relationships and how beauty brings us closer to the secrets of life. I took part in many exhibitions in the UK and abroad. In 2020 I received the Judges Prize at The Harley Open Exhibition. 


If you would like to see my work visit my website or follow me on instagram @marcin.szuba