“Symbols of Moving on and Success”

The Click 2 Change Project: Photography Exhibition
Until 20th March

The photographs on display have been produced by four Probation service users working in partnership with three Probation Officers who were interested in developing creative ways of working with service users.

Our group was developed using ideas from participatory photography (photovoice).  Participatory methods enable participants to share stories that are important to them from their own perspective.  This can bring extremely valuable, novel insights into the lives of participants as well as any challenges and potential solutions as their ideas are often quite different to those of the individuals “in charge”.

Participants have each chosen their favourite four images for display and would welcome any feedback about these and the stories they are telling.

BEING: An Exhibition of Fine Art
Karen Bradshaw

17th February – 7th March





Everyday Magic: The Art of Mindful Photography
21st March – 4th April

An exhibition of photography as a mindful practice. Featuring images from photographers from South Yorkshire and the North West, curated by Don Murray & Heather Greenbank aka The Mindful Photographers


Hosted by Festival of Debate, in partnership with the Equality Trust

Imagine waking up one day and discovering everyone is equal. You walk out onto the street and feel confident that you are valued as much as anyone else for who you are, as a human being. No more, no less. This exhibition imagines what that world would feel like, produced and curated by artists at The Art House and Cast.

Join us for drinks at The Art House on 19 May, 5:30-6:30pm to celebrate the exhibition’s launch.

Click here to see Festival of Debate’s full programme


Jewellery by Rachel Hardy

Exhibition and sale

20th January – 12th February


Monday 11th November – Friday 22nd November 2019

Friday 22nd November 10.00am – 12.00pm

I started making pottery about 3 years ago. I attended a few courses at the Art House and then joined Open Studios. I now share a studio at Persistence Works. I hand build using stoneware and coloured slips and more recently oxides. I like sculptural shapes and am not too interested in functional ware. I am still learning how to work with the clay, both slab and coiling, and the world of glazes is still a mystery to me. The ceramic artist I most admire is Gordon Baldwin.






Pottery, Drawings, and Photography

5 – 26th November
10.00am – 3.00pm Monday – Saturday




An exhibition of photgraphs and poems.

Tuesday 26th November – Thursday 12th December 

Tuesday 26th November 7pm all welcome




Monday 21st October – Monday 4th November 2019

It is only recently that I have started
to focus on throwing on the wheel and
was inspired by Moonko; a shop on
Division Street to make batches of
pots for their plant display. I loved
having an end goal to work towards
and this has helped me to think about
the size and weight of clay for

consistent shapes and forms… plus,
how to keep it simple.
After awhile I started to throw some
of my own mugs, bowls and jugs, and
mainly used special flek clay, fired up to
1240c. In this display I have used a
white glossy or transparent glaze and
resist patterns to allow the iron to
appear around the edges of the masked
out designs.
I think I will continue to throw and
have a lot to learn, but for me that is
the joy of working with clay.


To the 2nd & 3rd Generations: The Creativity of the Windrush Generation and their descendants.

4 – 28th October 2019
10.00am – 3.00pm Monday – Saturday

A small exhibition with work by amateur and aspiring artists of African-Caribbean descent.


A selection of cartoons by Dick Pitt

Café Gallery
Friday 18th October – Friday 1st November
10.00am – 3.00pm Monday – Saturdays

To see more, visit Dick’s website: itisnotfunny.co.uk




Monday 30 September – 14th October 2019

12.30pm – 3.00pm Monday – Saturday

12.30pm – 6.00pm Thursdays 3rd & 10th October

Formed in Sheffield Printmakers was formed in 2014. Inspired, in part, by the Graves Gallery’s excellent Leonard Beaumont exhibition, a group of us got together, agreed on a few basic principles and that was it!  But who are we and what is meant by printmaking? A print is produced by creating a plate from any of a range of materials including lino, mountboard and metal.  The plate is then covered with ink and paper is pressed onto it either by hand or using a press.

We’re a mixed bunch: full and part time artists, those rediscovering their love of art through printing and complete beginners and newcomers to printing. The great thing about printing is that you don’t have to be brilliant at drawing! Just experimenting with colour and shape can produce some great results!

Sheffield Printmakers now have about 40 members and have put on many  exhibitions and events, both as a group and as individuals. Some of our members have been selected to exhibit at prestigious shows including the Royal Academy, Sheffield Millennium Gallery and The Harley Gallery, Welbeck. We also aim to promote printmaking in Sheffield, educate and share good practice.

Many of the printmakers have their own studios. A group of us work at Peter York’s studio in Meersbrook. Pete has turned the ground floor of his house into a very well equipped studio. As an ex art lecturer, he now holds workshops where it’s possible to book  a session to learn the basics or just use the equipment and share experiences with others.


Friday 4th – 18th October
10.00am – 3.00pm

Meet the Maker:
Friday 18th October 1.00pm – 3.00pm

I’ve worked in clay on and off since childhood and returned to it following careers in video production and education. I have always painted, drawn and used a variety of three-dimensional media, but in the elemental ceramic world of mud and water transformed by air and fire I find my truest and happiest expression.

My work is influenced by and reminiscent of the landscape and natural forms. I usually work in porcelain because I love the pure white, smooth ‘ground’ it offers and the combination of fragility and strength. I’m fascinated by the interaction between the form I create and the firing process and I use pit firing, raku or wood kilns, celebrating the unpredictability of the results. My role is to create the most beautiful form I can and take a leap of faith. The story that unfolds is somehow mesmerising.





Instagram: @allamclaire

To visit Claire’s website click here

Friday 2nd – Friday 21st August 2019
10.00am – 3.00pm Monday – Saturdays

Making Inspires me
Processes Inspire me

I am interested in sculpture rather than painting, but like to paint on to clay. The materials that I presently work with are clay, metal copper, brass bottle parts, and copper wire.
I use Stoneware & Raku kiln firing to achieve the colours and results you see here in the exhibition.

If it wasn’t for art I don’t know what I would have done. It is good for my mental health.

Wednesday 10th – Wednesday 31st July 2019 

Our regular participant exhibition –  a collaboration between The Art House and The WEA (Workers Educational Association) showcasing creative work from participants/students produced during the last term.

Preview Wednesday 10th July from 5.00-7.30 pm.

Our preview event is the perfect opportunity to come and see our facilities, ask questions about courses and view the types of art that you could be creating yourself!

Monday 10th June – Monday 24th June 2019

Helen Pollitt:

I aspire to create ceramics that are both useful and beautiful.  I make hand thrown functional objects like cups, teapots and casserole dishes.  My more decorative pieces include bird baths with sculptured toads/frogs/birds and hand thrown pots planted with cacti and succulents.  I use stoneware clay and fire in an electric kiln.  I like to experiment making my own glazes.  My pottery studio is in my garden in chesterfield, Derbyshire.
Find me on Facebook:  Helen Pollitt Ceramics

Peter Swales:

14th – 28th June 2019


29th May –  12th June 2019

Abstract expressionistic style using oils, acrylics and mixed media interpreting the physics of force, movement and flow; and the chemistry of chromatic pigmentation.

I took up art after an academic career as a research scientist in biochemistry and continued painting whilst lecturing in biology and forensic science. I see no contradiction in my academic training as a scientist and in my painting of abstract images – both are creative processes aimed at understanding and expressing the world, conveying some of my scientific, artistic and emotional experiences. My exploratory and research process interprets the relationship between molecules through their movement and flow; in essence creating a tangible snapshot using the rules of physics and the process of chemistry – the flow, movement and metamorphosis of colour; leaving an imprint of instance.

Saturday 4th May – Sunday 12th May

Working in clay, I am attempting to create a range of figures which captures a range of expressions, gestures and movements.

My first experience of clay was in the making of conventional pots, plates and containers. By chance, I was invited to take part in a small class which was using clay to create heads of a male model. Having succeeded in copying a human head for the first time, I was motivated to concentrate much more on the range of basic skills necessary to construct figures.

Most of my figures are human in shape, with some being more realistic than others. In the future, I aim to increase dramatically the size of my figures, with the eventual aim of constructing models which are greater than life-size. My inspiration comes from many sources, but in particular I like to visit galleries to witness the both work of established sculptors, but also to be inspired by up-and-coming artists.

SCOTT ALLBRIGHT “ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE” – Monday 13th – Tuesday 28th May 2019

The work in this exhibition is loosely based on the seven ages of a life, with all its trials and tribulations, according to Shakespeare, in As You Like It. The seven ages are;
Infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, pantaloon, old man.

The drawings are oil pastel on paper.

All the works are for sale and there are postcards and A4 size prints available too. Please ask a member of staff for details.

Monday 15th April – Friday 26th April 2019


Contact Details:
Studio 3, Persistence Works, Brown Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK, S1 2BS.

Telephone: +44(0)7812928174
Email: Email brianhollandceramics@yahoo.com
Web-site: www.brianhollandceramics.com

SENSORY PERCEPTIONS:  29th April – 2nd May
A look through the eyes of the 2nd year Fine Art students from Sheffield Hallam University

Featured Artists:
Samantha Ross-Russell
Alexis Calabrese
Ewan Crosby
Beccy Burke


22nd March – Saturday 13th April 2019

‘The Heartless Hurt Less” is Jessica Heywood’s first solo exhibition. Having recently graduated from the Ruskin School of Art, she has moved back to Sheffield to begin her career.

In this exhibition Heywood explores the role of abjection in response to lifeless bodies. Over the last year she has been collecting found dead animals, from road kill to cat kill to unexplained death, and has reproduced them as delicate pen drawings.  Interspersed among the bodies are abstracted studies of natural forms such as moss and mould, which aim to explore themes of rot and decay. She is interested in finding attraction in unusual places and in demystifying anatomical structures.


25th February – 22nd March 2019

I started my working life as a slater, using thinly cleaved rocks to roof all manner and types of buildings.  I was fortunate enough to be apprenticed at a time when craftsmanship and tradition were considered important.  I was already involved with the geology of the area as I had started hiking at the age of 8 and climbing and potholing by the time I was 13.  I was invited to join my first major potholing expedition when I was 17.  It was at the age of 22 I first came into contact with clay after being talked into attending a weekend pottery course at Skipton College of Further Education.  Soon after that I built my own wheel using the ‘guts’ of our old washing machine: and that is how the journey began.  50 years later and I am still making pots, descending caves (regardless of the aches and pains) climbing and occasionally scrambling onto roofs.

The shape and things I fashion from clay are very much in the medieval/oriental tradition, though my appreciation of ceramics extends a lot further than that.  As regards the glazes I use, there is no doubt that they mimic the colours and textures of the calcium formations and flowstone I encounter while exploring both caves and abandoned mines.  The copper greens and iridescent blues, the lead greys and blacks, the pure whites through to orange browns, all relate to the shinos, nukas and rutile blues I like to use on my pots.

This exhibition features work produced by a number of the students who attend the weekly art group funded and supported by the Sheffield Autistic Society.

9th – 4th March 2019
‘My initial inspiration for the work in this solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints was from visits to Gigha off the West Coast of Scotland and the Dingle Peninsula on Ireland’s West coast.  I became fascinated by the streams flowing across the sand into the Atlantic, also being able to see the source of the rivers/streams just by looking inland was magical.

Since my work is celebrating this most precious resource, water, I decided to link up with WaterAid whose mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (20% of all sales will be donated to the charity).’

9th – 31st January
In Loretta’s words:  ‘I am a support worker and pottery volunteer at The Art House.  My passion for working in clay was rekindled when I did an evening figurative sculpture course at The Art House in the summer of 2017.  Since then I have continued making heads and figures mostly of my favourite subjects: my family and grandchildren.  I aspire to capture their expressions and a likeness.  I make drawings from images taken on  my phone then translate into sculptures in clay.  Over time, I intend to discover different ways to finish the surfaces through glazing and firing techniques’.


NORTHERN POTTERS ASSOCIATION:  KATHRYN WATSON  14th – 27th January 2019 (mezzanine exhibition area)
Kathryn is a Fine Artist who makes sculptural ceramics.  Her work is hand built, the clay spirals and twists to create unique organic forms. The ceramics are rarely glazed allowing
the colour of the clay and the atmospheres of different kilns to enhance the forms.

Kathryn grew up in Sheffield and returned in 2012 to her family home where she has a studio. Reacquainting herself with the city and the Peak District has provided the inspiration for her current
work: the city centre architecture, prehistoric cup and ring marks, the rock formations and millstones of the edges and the flora and fauna of her garden.

The individual ceramic pieces work alone but are often grouped together where they compliment and contrast with one another.

GAVIN KILCOMMONS: BROKEN ART: 19th December 2018 – 19th January 2019
Born in 1976 Gavin has lived in Sheffield his whole life. He has had a keen interest in art since his school days. As a teenager he would hang out with graffiti artists and found he had a talent for tagging a spraying. As adult life took over and he settled into work and family life his love of graffiti art took a back seat but he continued to draw as a hobby.

In 2008 he began to suffer from depression and anxiety and frequently had panic attacks which had an enormous impact on his life, resulting in him becoming agoraphobic. Art became a release from the pressures of his mental health issues and over the past few years he has found painting to be a form of therapy. In the last two years Gavin has developed his style and found himself returning to his love of graffiti, taking influence from varied graffiti artists from around the globe. He also has an interest in pop art, with influences from the great artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
Gavin is a self-taught artist who paints with vibrant flair and likes to merge different styles and is constantly experimenting with new ideas.

Friday 23rd November – Saturday 8th December 2018

Formed in Sheffield Printmakers was formed in 2014. Inspired, in part, by the Graves Gallery’s excellent Leonard Beaumont exhibition, a group of us got together, agreed on a few basic principles and that was it!  But who are we and what is meant by printmaking? A print is produced by creating a plate from any of a range of materials including lino, mountboard and metal.  The plate is then covered with ink and paper is pressed onto it either by hand or using a press.

We’re a mixed bunch: full and part time artists, those rediscovering their love of art through printing and complete beginners and newcomers to printing. The great thing about printing is that you don’t have to be brilliant at drawing! Just experimenting with colour and shape can produce some great results!

Sheffield Printmakers now have about 40 members and have put on many  exhibitions and events, both as a group and as individuals. Some of our members have been selected to exhibit at prestigious shows including the Royal Academy, Sheffield Millennium Gallery and The Harley Gallery, Welbeck. We also aim to promote printmaking in Sheffield, educate and share good practice.

Many of the printmakers have their own studios. A group of us work at Peter York’s studio in Meersbrook. Pete has turned the ground floor of his house into a very well equipped studio. As an ex art lecturer, he now holds workshops where it’s possible to book  a session to learn the basics or just use the equipment and share experiences with others.

We have two main events coming up before Christmas. First of all we’re taking over the Pop Up shop in the Winter Garden from 16th- 30th November. There will be lots of cards and prints for sale. Then we’re staging an exhibition at the Art House, 8 Backfields S1 4HJ from 23rd November – 8th December. Sheffield Printmakers will be showing their latest works, all of which will be for sale. We’ll also be selling handmade gifts at the Art House Christmas Market on 1st December. The preview evening is 23rd November 6 – 8 pm. Everyone welcome.


Ceramics and mixed media
1st – 29th November

In Rebecca’s words: ‘This is my first solo exhibition, and I wanted to show you how my fun, exploration in to ceramics and art, has been catalogued over the last 6 years.

I experiment with mixed media and have developed my passion for ceramic art in hospital, in Open Studio and in the well being classes at the Art House.

I find pottery provides me with a grounding, allows a connection to nature and a creative outlet, where I can walk away with a gift for a friend. I take influence in nature’s wonders and happy things. I believe an environmental awareness can be seen in my work and as most of my pieces are special gifts made by my hands, that they reflect part of me.’

Friday 2nd November – Wednesday 21st November

An exhibition by Musa Camara, Youssoupha Djiba (Iffa), Dembo Fixer, Maissa Ndong and Ebou Touray, five artists from Senegal whose stunning lino prints have been brought to the city by artist Trevor Pollard.

Kafountine Lino Printing was established in December 2013 in a remote fishing village in the south west of Senegal. The project aims to recognise and support artists who live in the village and to promote their work to a wider audience.

Additionally, the project raises funding through the sale of original art work and other means to help develop a sustainable income and creative arts workshop in the village and to enable artists to pass on their skills to young people.

Members of the group are all artists in their own right and have been introduced to lino printing as a way of producing multiple and saleable images. Their work is inspired by  ideas deeply rooted in their West African culture and the resulting imagery reflects this.

This exhibition is the artists’ first in Sheffield, and any sales from the show will go directly to them. All works for sale.

For more information on the project visit: http://www.kafountinelinoprinting.com/

2nd November – 16th November

Travelling and exhibiting through Asia, including many visits to her parental homeland of Malaysia, Panni has found herself attracted to walk through the clouds of incense to enter Buddhist temples. Often arriving in Malaysia during the Night of the Hungry Ghost festival, the artist has been intrigued to enter the empty marquees laid out with feasts and altars for the ‘hungry ghosts’, and open-air Chinese opera performances with no one watching. Visiting cities, villages and buildings in the tropical heat frequented by her own ancestors has lifted the veils of mystique giving her the feeling that the past and present are on parallels beyond our comprehension.

Continuing on this theme Panni was engaged by the miracle of the underground cities and caves in Cappadoccia in Central Anatolia Turkey when she was accepted onto an international art camp in January 2018. The caves, formed in volcanic rock and often topped by so called fairy chimneys, that date back hundreds of years BC and some housed as many as 20, 000 people. The labyrinth of caves can often only be reached by crawling through interconnecting tunnels, which sometimes open up into large womblike spaces. The analogy with our human existence, is one which Panni is enthralled -how experience and events give rise to new possibilities even though the journey there can sometimes be challenging. Our life often changes by a simple choice of direction.

Having returned from South East Asia in late September 2018 and having exhibited in South Korea and Thailand, Panni was pleased to visit relatives and friends in Malaysia where she currently has work on show. Some of her family migrated from China to Malaysia and thinking of their journeys and setting up new lifes she would like:

10% of sales to go to Sheffield charity Assist.

All large 1m square paintings are £349 and all others are £195.

See: www.panniloh.com

Saturday 20th October – Thursday 1st November 2018

The Colour of Light is Wilma Scott’s debut exhibition. She is presenting a series of landscapes that are inspired by her present home on the edge of the Peak District, but also other wild places such as the West Of Scotland where she was born. Holidays to the Lakes and Cornwall are also captured. She has a bold approach to colour and seeks to evoke the drama, power and serenity of skies and hills.

Celebrating the creativity of the Windrush generation and their descendents, this exhibition is made up of work by 8 local, amateur or aspiring artists of African- Caribbean origin. Please click here for more information.

TREVOR POLLARD: 65 MONOPRINTS 2nd – 18th October 2018
In the summer of 2017, having spent the previous five years working with a lino printing artists collective in Senegal, West Africa, Trevor Pollard embarked on a personal project. He decided to produce 65 experimental monoprints within the space of one year for exhibition in October 2018 to coincide with his own 65th birthday. This involved working in his studios in Sheffield and Senegal taking inspiration from amongst other places his travels in Egypt, Iceland and Senegal along with visits to the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire coasts.The resulting exhibition draws from the body of work he has made between the summers of 2017 and 2018.

His previous printmaking output utilised traditional lino printing methods where the lino block is cut into using special tools prior to the application of ink. However, for this series of work, Trevor used the lino blocks as a base for layering ink without cutting into the lino. This allowed for the multiple use of the lino blocks and an associated freedom of mark making.He would work through the day on single prints, layering wet ink on wet ink. The results of this method of working are unpredictable as previous wet layers penetrate the surface layer. This also provided the scope for working on the surface of the wet prints by scratching or the use of various tools to reveal colours and textures laid down previously.His work for this exhibition plays around with abstraction as an underlying concept resulting in multi-layered textures and colours evoking his visual interpretations of his chosen source material.Trevor had a long career in art and design education before changing direction to start a social enterprise project in Senegal in 2012. This involved working with a group of artists in Kafountine, a fishing village in the Casamance region, equipping them to produce lino prints reflecting their cultural heritage. The resulting work was subsequently sold in the UK and Europe with all of the proceeds going to families back in Kafountine.He only started printmaking himself as a result of this initiative and has a studio cabin in his garden in Sheffield equipped with a small relief press. Prior to this, he had a studio at Yorkshire ArtSpace during which time he concentrated on painting.

All proceeds from sales will go directly to help families in Kafountine, Senegal and to help this, for the duration of the exhibition, all prints will be priced at £65 before reverting back to their original and variable prices.

For further information, click here.

FESTIVAL OF THE MIND ~ 20th – 30th September 2018
Festival of the Mind is a unique collaboration between University of Sheffield academics and the creative talent in the city to produce exhibitions, workshops, performances and events about the University’s research.   The festival will take place 20–30 September in a number of venues across the city.   Futurecade will return to the Millennium Galleries and the Spiegeltent will be back in Barkers Pool.  There will be over 40 collaborative projects between artists and researchers.  In 2016, the last festival, over 50,000 people attended over the 11 days.  All the events are free and open to the public.  To find out what’s on at The Art House, click here for information on The Age Of Love exhibition.
And click here for information on the Perspectives on Basic Income exhibition. 

3rd – 14th September 2018

Marking the opening of Sheffield Recovery Month, The Sheffield Restoration Project is a creative exhibition showcasing the differing faces of substance abuse recovery from across the city.

The exhibition includes work from individuals as well as a collaborative piece that invites services users, families, volunteers, workers and organisations connected to the recovery community to share something of their story and asks the question ‘what recovery means to you?’

The title of the show alludes to a sense of restoration a recovery journey brings to peoples’ lives. We are all part of a community rebuilding confidence, skills, abilities, self-esteem, wellbeing, communities and peoples’ appreciation for life.

We would love you to join us for the exhibition preview and launch of Sheffield Recovery Month on 3rd September, 17.00-19.00, or come down to one of the sessions running regularly throughout the show and contribute your own story.

CLASS OF 2018 ~ 17th August – 31st August 2018







SYLVIA ROYAL ~ 30th June – 13th July 2018
‘Art for me is not being restricted and not being afraid of changing directions. The excitement of being unrestricted is intensified by the awareness that the outcome is sometimes never known.

Everything in my studio is important to me, the objects that sit around me triggers off my thought process, but still finding inspiration from the environment that surrounds me. The places I have seen, the different cultures, shapes, textures, objects and close observation of the colours, the lightness and the darkness of areas.

I work on a wide variety of projects so I never get bored. I never seem to run out of experience or suffer any creative blocks, but there are times when I suffer anxiety with regard to ‘what I am going to do next!’

Working in a wide range of media techniques and materials, including pottery, I draw from all aspects of my work, always having the same intention to follow my own path.

I hope you enjoy my exhibition.’

Click here to see Sylvia’s website.

MATTHEW SHUTT ~ Saturday 19th May – Friday 1st June 2018 
Matthew Shutt is a UK based artist, who creates photo-realistic paintings, mostly about a very particular and topical theme: the superheroes universe. His work unifies the imaginary world, already present in comics and movies, with a reality often too much concrete and hard. He uses a child’s point of view in his compositions to both represent the perception he had of the life when he was younger and also that of his own children today. This need to recreate a sensation of life simpler, more joyful, colourful and carefree is the focal point of his paintings.

About this choice, Matthew Shutt said: “The action figure toy, for me, is the most compelling image that defines my life since I can remember and the limitless situations it can be integrated with mundane ordinary objects is fascinating and fuels my obsession. Added together, this gives a different dynamic within my work and style and changes the narrative viewpoint amidst its complexity and perception yet it retains the simplicity it was allowed back when I was younger”

This exhibition features the work of the Artistic Environments Group, which was developed with Art House well-being students and facilitated by Sheffield Hallam University Occupational Therapy students during their work placement at the Art House.

The group members’ work on display celebrates a series of Artistic Environment sessions exploring local art galleries, street sculpture, museums, urban green spaces and countryside.

The aims of the group were to enable group participants to access green spaces, art and sculpture in Sheffield which introduced the concept of accessible and free to view art and creative resources.

The Artistic Environments provided the opportunity to create art within natural and urban environments, whilst providing supportive and sustainable access in local areas.

The group visited: The Millennium Galleries, Winter Gardens, Western Park and Museum, The Botanical Gardens and the National Trust’s Longshaw Estate.

GLITCH ~ 4th June – 15th June 2018
Glitch is an exhibition which celebrates the work of Sheffield’s next generation of creatives. Creative Art and Media students from Longley Park Sixth Form College will exhibit work which spans the disciplines of fine art, fashion, media, photography and 3D. Glitch will be curated by the students who will be present to talk about the work on display.
Look out for the QR codes displayed alongside student work which will take you to their online portfolios.
Opens Wednesday 6th June. Open event evening Friday 8th June.



As part of Migration Matters festival, The Snowdrop Project will show two collections of images: ‘One Lens, Countless Stories’ and ‘Aspects of Change’
‘One Lens, Countless Stories’ is a collection of images brought together by 9 survivors of human trafficking who received long term support from The Snowdrop Project in Sheffield. Each person was given a camera and 8 weeks of basic photography training as part of a group project. The images in the exhibition are snapshots from their story that they want to share.

‘Aspects of Change’ is a collection of images created with True Glass Photography to depict some of the barriers survivors of trafficking face. Each image in the exhibition relates to an area of support from The Snowdrop Project.

The Snowdrop Project exists exists to ensure that survivors of human trafficking have continued specialist support to help them live the lives they want to, free to move on from the past.
There will be an informal ‘launch’ and talk on Wednesday 20th of June, 5.30 – 6.30 pm.

Pottery Workshops - Art House SheffieldMARY ELSE ~ Friday 4th May – Thursday 17th May 2018
“My pieces are slab and coil built. I use different layers of glazes, oxides, slips and under glazes to achieve a varied colourful surface. New work also includes a variety of clay bodies.  My current work is influenced by natural elements and formations, such as rock, shell and fish shapes, seed pods and music. With all of my work colour and form are of equal importance to me. I always wish to create a whole piece in which the colour is part of the form, both inside and out. I also allow the material and its properties to help inform where the work will go. This determines the colour and shapes/patterns used. I take part in Sheffield Open up every year and have found that it’s a great way to promote yourself and meet with the public. I have been creating with clay for a long time! Some of my favourite Ceramic Artists include Lucie Rie, Mo Jupp and Grayson Perry.”

Click here to see Mary’s website.

JONNY PRITT ~ 2nd April to the 15th April 2018
Jonny has been interested in art since he can remember and has been drawing and painting for almost all of his life.
Since Art College, he has also studied avant-garde film making and poetry. He is also a songwriter and has been in many bands.

Jonny’s work is a cacophony of the subconscious and the lucid, combining the extremes of childlike innocence and the world weariness through a lens of snobby pretension and sarcasm.


Jonny’s influences from literature are:

Dylan Thomas Collected Poems 1934-1952
Filmations Brave Starr-The Trail Drive
Philip Larkin The Whitsun Weddings
Bananaman Annual 1985

PAINTED FABRICS: WORK NOT CHARITY~ 31st March to the 17th April 2018

Artists and partners who have been involved in the WEA project ‘The Story of Painted Fabrics’ since September 2017 are holding an exhibition, ‘Work Not Charity’, at The Art House in Sheffield to showcase the art and other creative work they have produced as a response to the story of Painted Fabrics Ltd. Original Painted Fabrics items from the collection held by Museums Sheffield will also be on display.


Catherine student exhibitionGROUP STUDENT EXHIBITION:  LIFE DRAWING ~ Saturday 21st April – Tuesday 2nd May 2018

The artwork in this exhibition has been made by students from three separate life drawing groups and demonstrates a variety of processes and media used in classes.



The three groups are:
Monday afternoons WEA St John’s Church Hall, S17
Tuesday afternoons WEA The Art House
Wednesday mornings Art House group

LIGHT ON THE PATH ~ 10th March – 24th March 2018
‘Your values are are reflections of what is most important in your heart: what sort of person you want to be, what is significant and meaningful to you.. Your values provide direction for your life and motivate you to make important changes’. Russ Harris

‘Light on the Path’ is an exhibition of sculpture, illustration and photography which explores some of these ideas; how personal values can be used as an internal compass to discover and maintain a sense of direction, purpose and commitment in the face of challenges.

The work also relates to a series of workshops developed with Sheffield Alcohol Support Service aimed at reconnecting with and discovering personal values through creativity, discussion and practical exercises.

“ALL OUR BRAINS” ~ 16th February to 2nd March 2018
An exhibition that brings together community groups, artists, students, health professionals and people with dementia in a cross-disciplinary creative exploration of dementia and its effect on people’s lives.






ART HOUSE WINTER STUDENT EXHIBITION ~ Monday 18th December – 12th January 2018

Come and see our amazing student exhibition showcasing a range of work produced in our art and pottery classes over the last term.  Many pieces will be sale and you will be able to pick up some course information for our classes that start in January 2018. .


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Dawn Leadbitter is a local artist and graduate of Sheffield Hallam University. Her work attempts to make the unseen beauty of the everyday visible to all.

“Words are few,
thoughts are deep,
memories of you,
I’ll always keep”

Dawn will be having a preview of her work on Friday 17th November from 6.30 – 8.30 p.m.

Opening times of exhibition:  Monday to Saturday 11.00 – 3.00, Wednesday 12.30 – 3.00

Graves group PosterGRAVES ART GROUP EXHIBITION ~ 20th November – 1st December 2017

The Art House is pleased to host an exhibition by the Graves Art Group.

The Graves Art Group meets in the Education Room every Thursday.  The group was formed by a number of individuals who came together in order to sketch the Graves building to celebrate its architecture, facilities and design features. The building was opened in 1934 and was designed by W. G. Davies in an Art Deco style.

remembering-baby-postcard-online-combined (2)REMEMBERING BABY – LIFE, LOSS AND POST-MORTEM ~ Monday 5th – Thursday 14th December 2017

An exhibition exploring professional and parental encounters with death at the very beginning of life. See, hear and sense how care is enacted through contemporary mortuary work and memorialisation practices.

As part of the exhibition there will be a programme of free workshops (“Sit and Knit” and “Memory Pots”). Please note that places are limited and therefore if you are interested in attending a session you can sign up using the Eventbrite links provided below


Social workEXPERIENCING THE SOCIAL WORK WORLD ~ 29th October – 16th November 2017

The Festival of Social Science, Sheffield, is proud to present artwork created by social workers. Social workers are often unable to report on the practice that they have carried out with children and adults due to issues of confidentiality. Their voices are in effect missing from any kind of public debate. This gap has been filled by media agencies with a particular view of the profession and this has played an important part in creating and maintaining a hostile kind of discourse. As a result, the reputation and standing of the social work profession has deteriorated in recent years and this has affected social workers’ practice and identity in a number of different ways.

The exhibition at the Art House, Sheffield, will feature artwork and aural narratives that we hope will provide the public with a different perspective; a more sensitive insight into what social work means to those who do social work on a daily basis.

7 women crreate exhibition7 WOMEN CREATE EXHIBITION ~ Until 11th November 2017

Artists Ella Hale, Jo Mutlow, Linton Greeney, Lucy Kitto, Panni Loh, Sue Hale and Viv Keel show a beautiful array of paintings depicting Sheffield Street scenes to Buddhist Altars, Mermaid ceramics, glass tree sculptures to photography inspired by their monthly group art practice sessions.



Sheffield printmakers 2017SHEFFIELD PRINTMAKERS ~ 7th to 28th October 2017

We’re very pleased to welcome back Sheffield Printmakers with their new exhibition.

Launch night Saturday 7th October 6.00 – 8.00 p.m.

Exhibition times Monday – Saturday 11.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.



JOHN HOLT “I AM ROOTED BUT I FLOW” EXHIBITION ~ 22nd September to 6th October 2017

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We are very pleased to welcome back John Holt with a new exhibition.  John has been a significant supporter of the Art House during its development so we are excited to see his new work:

“”Flow Art” is based on the underlying abstract design found in all of nature.  Moved by the ever-changing natural beauty of the world, I express my work as motion and emotion, that go beyond a literal snapshot in time.  The flow of colour, form and line are used to depict awareness of the constant waves of time and evolution of natural cycles.  I am exploring the abstract nature of nature”.

As part of the exhibition John will also be delivering a talk entitled “The Art of Healing”, which will cover his experience of working in high secure psychiatric hospitals, how “art and healing” relates to his own studio practice and exploring the link between art making and mental well-being.

SHEFFIELD CAT SHELTER ~ 1st September to 4th October 2017

Cat Shelter logo

The Sheffield Cats Shelter is a local independent charity that provides a valuable service to the city, by rescuing and re-homing over 400 destitute cats and kittens each year.

Established in 1897, the Shelter is one of the oldest charities in Sheffield and is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. As part of their festivities, they have put together an exhibition of historical photos and posters that tell the story of the charity.

As it relies solely on public support the Shelter holds fundraising events throughout the year, which are a vital source of income:

Their next big event is a Rock Concert:  Mogstock 2017 (30th September 2017).

Free entrance – starting at 2:30 pm and going on until 11:00 pm at The Dove & Rainbow, it is an all-day event that is set to be a fun one!  The headliners are The Idol Dead with other performers, Lowdrive, Firegarden, Black Moon Rising, Cadence Noir and Coyote Mad Seeds.

For more information about The Sheffield Cats Shelter and their work please visit their website at: www.thesheffieldcatsshelter.org.uk

SECRET SANCTUARIES ~ 18th August -1st September 2017

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Secret Sanctuaries is a partnership with Chilypep and The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust in which Young People across Sheffield have come together to take part in the project.

They have been out exploring green spaces in the North of Sheffield and have identified 9 sites they believe are Secret Sanctuaries. We believe these spaces are beautiful, calming, relaxing and often undiscovered. We want to encourage other young people to visit the sites and feel the benefit of being outdoors. Studies show being outdoors can help to improve emotional health and wellbeing and allows young people to feel more connected to nature and their communities.

We are hoping increase and improve young people’s awareness of the areas through this exhibition and encourage others to visit the secret sanctuaries and provide them with a safe, peaceful and mindful place to read, think, play or meditate.


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CLASS OF 2017 EXHIBITION ~ Friday 28th July – Friday 18th August 2017

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The last week of our amazing student exhibition including work produced in our art and pottery classes as well as the courses run by the Workers Educational Association (WEA) at the Art House.

Come and see the range of work, many pieces are for sale, and pick up some course information – maybe you could be submitting work for our Christmas exhibition!

MIGRATION MATTERS ~ extended to Wednesday 19th July 2017

Migration matters image

Migration Matters Festival 2017 is a five day theatre and arts festival taking place in Sheffield during Refugee Week (20-24th June). Its aim is to celebrate diversity and recognise the positive impact migration has had on the city.

Chechnya, Bosnia, Iraq, Syria all feature in a new exhibition as part of Amnesty’s ‘I Welcome’ campaign & to mark Magnum Photo’s 70th anniversary, showing refugee crises since the Second World War.

RICHARD CHATTERTON ~ 7th – 14th July 2017

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Richard will be exhibiting a number of his paintings in the Art House’s main exhibition room, including some of his newer images.

“I paint pictures of buildings which are under threat or which have been lost through ignorance, neglect or greed. My subjects include collieries, shipyards, steelworks, theatres, cinemas, swimming pools and sports stadiums. My paintings vary in size although the majority measure four feet by two and are in oils and acrylics on canvas.

I am a local artist, born in Rotherham and have lived most of my live in Rotherham and Sheffield. This is reflected in some of my work – for example “Steelworks” (my father was a steelworker ), “Colliery” (my Grandfather was a miner) and “Victoria Station, Sheffield (I went on holiday travelling by train with my parents from this station just before it closed in 1967).

I am currently based in Vienna, but hope to return to South Yorkshire soon.”

 TERRY BROOKER ~ 29th April – 26th May 2017.

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Terry studied at Goldsmiths 1972-5 and moved to Sheffield in 1998.  He has been involved in several individual and group exhibitions and primarily works in acrylics and ceramics.

I want you to be as excited as I am about images and art pieces. Colour, movement, gesture, memories, experiences, touch and texture played out through rules of materials. I want to engage the viewer enough so that they stop and become absorbed in the paintings and ceramics. I want the viewer to feel invited to a visual experience that is as good as friendship. Valued, validated, purposeful, exploring meaning and understanding the world we live in. Well, that’s my hope anyway.

bethany-costerd-4BETHANY COSTERD ~ 1st – 8th February 2017

Formed is a month long residency which will result in a week long exhibition of new work by Bethany Costerd and also a workshop run by the artist. The project was born out of the artist’s desire to create more permanent works. Bethany has since worked predominately with plaster, using her own drawings as a starting point. Plaster is very fragile, which renders the work temporary, more like fleeting ideas and memories than finished objects – Bethany’s recent work explores this further through the relationship between colour and plaster, the colour moves around the plaster body, then eventually fades to nothing.


Friday 6th January – Saturday 21st January 2017

The first of our regular (3 times a year) participant exhibition showcases just some of the creative work produced in our classes last year.



Preview 6.00 – 8.00 pm Friday January 6th 2017

FREE EVENT – donations for refreshments are welcomed

Our preview event is the perfect opportunity to come and see our facilities, ask questions about courses and view the kind of thing that you could be creating yourself!


steve-booton112th November – 23rd December 2016

This exhibition has been extended until 23rd December 2016.

Before the preview Steve will be holding a free demonstration where you can come and “meet the potter” whilst watching Steve throw some of his larger pieces and talk about the Japanese influence on his work.


steve-booton226th November Steve will be running a workshop “The Japanese Aesthetic”.

You will need to book in advance for both the demo session and workshop.  To book onto either the free demonstration/meet the maker session or the workshop please go to our “workshops” page.  Click here.













Sheffield Printmakers are exhibiting for the third year alongside Sheffield’s ‘Off the Shelf’ literary festivals.  ‘This year our exhibition ‘Off The Press’ will be taking place at the Art House which is an exciting new exhibiting venue for Sheffield Printmakers. The Art House opened to the public in August 2015 and is situated in the city centre.

‘Off The Press’ will run from October the 14th until October the 22nd. The exhibition will be made up of Printmaking in all its forms. One room will be exclusively dedicated to original prints inspired by literature and the second room will be the chance for Sheffield Printmakers members to showcase un-themed work.



19th August – 2nd September 2016

Hannah is a volunteer in the Art House pottery studio, supporting the day-to-day running of the studios and assisting in a number of classes, and we are proud to support her first exhibition of hand made jewellery.

The exhibition is displayed in the mezzanine area between the two studios on the pottery floor (first floor of building).


Tall Thang 2

6th September – 30th September 2016

Mary’s work uses different layers of glazes, oxides, slips and under glazes to achieve rich and colourful surfaces.  Her work is influenced by natural elements and formations, such as rock, shell and fish shapes, and music.



Herd of SheffieldThe Children’s Hospital Fundraiser.

June 17th – October 2016

On 17th June 2016 we had a delivery of 9 Baby Elephants which have been decorated by children in local schools.

They will be living with us at the Art House until October!

There will be Elephant related activities for adults and children organised over the Summer as part of the Art House Summer in the City programme. Look out for details on the website and facebook in the near future!


May 30th – June 25th 2016

Equal Rights, Journey to JusticeWe have the ‘Journey to Justice’ Civil rights exhibition opening on the 30th May until the 25th June.

The exhibition will explain the development of the Civil rights movement globally and also have some historical details about the Sheffield citizens who have been active in the campaign.

Click here for more information about the exhibition!

There will be opportunities for school groups to book Self Guide visits during the month, as well as Facilitated Art Activities, as responses to the exhibition, run by the Art House.


May 3rd – May 20th 2016

13138788_523496207838122_6977023394720703038_n flierAn exhibition by the artist John Holt featuring a variety of his latest pieces of work including drawings and ceramics.