Open Up: Meeting Miranda Trojanowska


Open Up: Meeting Miranda Trojanowska.
Now in its 20th year, Sheffield’s Open Up Festival begins on Saturday and, this weekend at The Art House, you can see a wide variety of work by artists including Mary Else, Angie Hardwick, Laura Page, Miranda Trojanowska, Mick Randle, Stephen Smith, Mike Scown, and more!

It’s a perfect opportunity to show your support for Sheffield’s creative community of artists and to check out venues around the city. We’re open from 11 am to 3 pm and as well as You’ll be able to purchase work but also speak to the participants and to see some of them at work.
If you’ve never visited The Art House before this is a perfect opportunity to come and check us out.

We spoke to Miranda Trojanowska about what Open Up is and also about her own work.

What was the initial aims for Open Up when it was first set up and has the community of artists involved evolved over that time?
Miranda: Since 1998, when Keith Hayman and Kate Jacob initiated Open Up Sheffield as a platform for artists to showcase their skills and share their creative disciplines with members of the public, there has been an annual open studios event. The original ethos of Open Up is that it is run by artists for artists, supported by a committee of practising artists and craftspeople, who all give their time and expertise voluntarily. Open Up has grown steadily over the years.

Has it expanded outside the city?
Miranda: Most of the studios are in Sheffield, although the map stretches to Barnsley and Bamford It opens opportunities to meet and talk to artists working in a wide range of forms. They include watercolour, oil and acrylic paints, jewellery, ceramics, textiles, wood, glass, photography, print and mixed media. There is something for everyone whether you’re an artist yourself or not.

What five hashtags best describe Open Up?
Miranda: #creativity #art #communityartists #contemporary #multimedia






Sheffield is a very creative city. How does that creative community feel of the city support Open Up and what does it bring to the event?
Miranda: We have always been well supported by businesses. Numerous exhibiting artists have their work displayed in cafes, doctors’ surgeries and restaurants. The city supports its artistic community and supporting initiatives like Open Up is an important part of that.

Will you get to check out other artists during the event? Who are you looking forward to seeing?
Miranda: As I shall be at the Art House every day of Open Up I will not be able to get to see any other artist other than those that are here. I have followed each Open Up artist on Facebook and it is incredible how much talent we have in this area.

You’re exhibiting as part of the event at The Art House – have you done Open Up before and what’s the most memorable exchange/ talk / incident you’ve had at it?
Miranda: I did Open Up for the first time last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it – chatting to people about my work and how I am not only influenced by colour but my scientific background (Miranda was a research scientist in biochemistry.)
I remember last year chatting to a guy about my painting called ‘Solaris’ (100x80cm, mixed media) featuring a bubbling sun. To me it shows life, heat and movement but the man said that it frightened him as it was very dark. It is interesting as art is very subjective and my interpretation is not always what people see. I want to move people with my art and initiate discussion and debate.
Art is a powerful thing that works in different ways for different people. I’ve even used it as art therapy for a few friends. One in particular was going through a tough time and she needed to express herself in order to work on her mental health and well-being. That’s very in tune with the Art House ethos that creativity is therapeutic and a valuable tool for individual well-being.
I shall also l be doing some painting at the Art House so that people can actually see how I paint. Being able to see artists at work is an important part of Open Up. I use a lot of paint and I use my old lab coat from my research days to protect my clothes.

Which five hashtags best describe your work?
Miranda: #abstractexpressionism #abstractart #contemporaryart #abstractpainting #mordernart

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