Open Up 2019


We are excited to be taking part in Open Up Sheffield 2019, for their 21st year!
We will be open on all the dates, from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 4th May • Sunday 5th May • Monday 6th May
Saturday 11th May • Sunday 12th May

Scroll down to find information on some of the artists exhibiting at The Art House during Open up.  We will be adding to this page so keep an eye out for updates!


Abstract expressionistic style using oils, acrylics and mixed media interpreting the physics of force, movement and flow; and the chemistry of chromatic pigmentation.

I took up art after an academic career as a research scientist in biochemistry and continued painting whilst lecturing in biology and forensic science. I see no contradiction in my academic training as a scientist and in my painting of abstract images – both are creative processes aimed at understanding and expressing the world, conveying some of my scientific, artistic and emotional experiences. My exploratory and research process interprets the relationship between molecules through their movement and flow; in essence creating a tangible snapshot using the rules of physics and the process of chemistry – the flow, movement and metamorphosis of colour; leaving an imprint of instance.

Visitors to the studio during Open Up will be able to buy my work
(Saturday 4th May, Sunday 5th May, Monday 6th May, Saturday 11th May & Sunday 12th May)
I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!
Workshops and tuition are available

Contact me:
m: 07812 084 341

Saturday 4th May – Sunday 12th May

Working in clay, I am attempting to create a range of figures which captures a range of expressions, gestures and movements.

My first experience of clay was in the making of conventional pots, plates and containers. By chance, I was invited to take part in a small class which was using clay to create heads of a male model. Having succeeded in copying a human head for the first time, I was motivated to concentrate much more on the range of basic skills necessary to construct figures.

Most of my figures are human in shape, with some being more realistic than others. In the future, I aim to increase dramatically the size of my figures, with the eventual aim of constructing models which are greater than life-size. My inspiration comes from many sources, but in particular I like to visit galleries to witness the both work of established sculptors, but also to be inspired by up-and-coming artists.

Open days
Saturday 4th May
Sunday 5th May
Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)

I will be present to discuss why in recent years clay sculpture has been a significant part of my life.

Contact me:
t: 01246 569 031
m: 07802 371 938


I create digital images and mixed media pieces. My work is cheerful and I like to make people smile. I’ll be showing a variety of wall based images and I’ll be doing demonstrations of printmaking using a gelli plate. Come along and have a go at gelli printing and take your own print home for free.

I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!
Workshops and tuition are available

Contact me
t: 01142 723 970
m: 07368 227 504

Open days
Saturday 4th May
Sunday 5th May
Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)


I am a painter of landscapes and am inspired by the light and colour in the Peak District and southern Italy.
I will be exhibiting in the Art Studio upstairs in the Art House. I’ll be working, chatting and drinking tea!

  • Visitors to the studio will be able to buy my work
  • I’m happy to undertake commissions – please ask!

Contact me
m: 07917 234 177

Open days
Saturday 4th May
Sunday 5th May
Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)


It was working in a restaurant that first drew me to making things from clay. They had just begun using locally handmade tableware when, during a shift one evening, the glaze on a particular bowl caught my eye so much that I decided I needed to learn how to do it myself. Having just graduated from a BA in Fine Art I set myself to learning the processes involved in working with clay. The more I learned about ceramics, the clearer it became that a lifetime could be devoted to investigating the endless possibilities it offers. My primary interest is in the chemistry of the glazes and the work done by the kiln to transform raw materials dug from the Earth’s crust into beautiful objects to be used daily around the home. I keep glaze formulations as simple as possible, allowing the atmosphere in the kiln to do the talking. My first kiln was made from common house bricks retrieved from skips, insulated with mud from the top of the garden and fuelled by locally scavenged scrap palette wood, making the whole thing free to build and fire. I have since continued to experiment with kiln designs, and currently fire a small propane-fuelled kiln constructed from ceramic fibre. I currently teach at The Art House Sheffield and produce thrown tableware.

Mike teaches wheel and raku courses at The Art House.

Raku demonstrations and throwing demonstrations.


‘I have been involved in ceramics for seventeen years now and I am still learning different
techniques and ways of creating pieces using glazes, slips, clays, underglazes and oxides.
My preferred method of creating has always been the pottery wheel and have worked toward
a production pottery style of throwing and strive to make my work usable, beautiful and affordable. As well as teaching throwing at the Art House I have a small studio I built three years ago. I retired from the N.H.S. two years ago where I worked in an adult acute mental health hospital facilitating pottery sessions for patients as a therapeutic activity, patients found this helpful and a considerable number of people continued working with clay as an art form and as a therapeutic activity on leaving hospital. My work can be viewed at the Art House and on my Instagram site. I currently teaches a number of advanced pottery wheel throwing classes at the Art House.’

Mick will be at The Art House showcasing his work, and working on the wheel throughout all the Open Up dates.

We are really pleased to announce that this year we will be hosting a number of the ceramics artists/potters from the network of NPA members.

The Northern Potters is a not-for-profit organisation who promote and support ceramics in all its forms throughout the North of England. Membership is open to anyone and everyone with an interest in ceramics.

FIRST WEEKEND (MAY 4th & 5th):


I am a hand builder and really enjoy working with clay because it can go from being raw and malleable, to a solid form.
My interest in shape, form and curvilinear leads me to work figuratively with inspiration coming from the ancient Venus Figurines.

Click here to go to Kate’s Facebook page


Kate is a Ceramist based in Sheffield specialising in decorative and functional stoneware. Every unique piece has been designed & made in her garden studio, making each piece a little work of art. Kate enjoys experimenting with contrasting textures & glazes, drawing on a love of travelling and adventures in the UK and beyond. Kate lives with her husband & three children and works as a part-time science teacher.

Click here to go to Kate’s Instagram


My work is high fired slip decorated earthenware, mainly bowls, plates and small dishes.  Fish, frogs, leaves and flowers are my main decorative elements.  I have been making pots for a long time and I am still amazed at the alchemy that turns messy mud into bright, colourful objects.


My bespoke hand crafted ceramics have evolved over the last ten years from my love of all things aquatic and nautical. I also draw some of my inspiration from myth and legend such as the iconic image of the Chinese dragon. By extension I undertake different styles and techniques to accommodate each individual piece of my work. An example of this is the use of ancient san-cai style glazes in partnership with my dragons. I also use san-cai in other pieces to bring a dynamic range of techniques into each piece.



SECOND WEEKEND (May 11th & 12th):


Kathy creates functional and sculptural pieces for the garden and home.


I started my working life as a slater, using thinly cleaved rocks to roof all manner and types of buildings.  I was fortunate enough to be apprenticed at a time when craftsmanship and tradition were considered important.

The shape and things I fashion from clay are very much in the medieval/oriental tradition, though my appreciation of ceramics extends a lot further than that.  As regards the glazes I use, there is no doubt that they mimic the colours and textures of the calcium formations and flowstone I encounter while exploring both caves and abandoned mines.  The copper greens and iridescent blues, the lead greys and blacks, the pure whites through to orange browns, all relate to the shinos, nukas and rutile blues I like to use on my pots.


I work in stoneware and porcelain and work with handbuilding techniques. My work is quite sculptural.

instagram: @wendy_at_the_clayhouse


I enjoy creating decorative and useful textile items using hand spun yarn, natural dyeing, weaving, coiled basketry and knitting. Come and take a look at some of my recent creations and I will also have a few items for sale, including some naturally dyed hand spun yarn. I’ll be demonstrating how I use a spinning wheel and some weaving looms and answer any questions about my upcoming workshops at the Art House.

Contact me
07837 578382

Open days 
Sunday 5th May
Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)
Sunday 12th May


Colette is an illustrative artist working primarily with watercolour and ink. She creates work that contain narratives inspired by experiences in life, fragments of dreams, and stories told.

‘I draw freehand without too much planning. Often I begin by dipping a piece of bamboo into a pot of ink and then I let the lines take their own direction. This keeps my work spontaneous and lively. There is a lot of observing the world that goes on behind these spur of the moment drawings’


Sheffield based artist who works in mixed media, producing graffiti and pop art styled work.  As a self taught artist, his influences include Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol as well as graffiti artists from all over the world.  Art is also a great therapy for Gavin, who suffers with anxiety disorder and depression, as it lifts his mood and helps him to focus.

Instagram: broken_art76 click here


I print birds, usually pigeons. These are printed onto fabric or plywood and I like experimenting with block printing (making my own blocks) and printing with found materials. I am inspired by either feral or racing pigeons and sometimes have details or textures representing building ledges or windowsills.

I also create fabric designs for cushion covers and other textile products for the house inspired by children’s book illustrations. My current designs include magpies, chickens and crows. I have worked as a fabric printmaking tutor at The Art House and other local other venues demonstrating this technique.

I have worked as an art tutor for over 15 years, working with children and adults in formal and informal learning environments. I have delivered many community projects, developing tailored work for drop in events, one day workshops or group projects lasting several months. Much of my work has been with new arrivals, people learning English and with people who have faced trauma. I like cross-curricular work or joint projects with other providers and I tend to work using printmaking, working with found materials or collage. Most project work has had nature, storytelling or local history as a theme.

Click here for Mia’s Facebook page


I work from my studio, but I am inspired bynature, a place I am most at home. During the past years I have been painting and spending time in numerous national parks and by the ocean in Brazil and Portugal. My work is an exploration of my memories of those places, the moments in time and the people I met there.

I graduated with MA in painting from Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland in 2004 and now I am a tutor at The Art House in Sheffield.


I am a contemporary artist from the United Kingdom and my art could best be described as a melange of expressionism and surrealism.

I love to celebrate the positive aspects of the sacred feminine and masculine. I also express my perceptions of duality, consciousness and spiritualism through my art. My paintings are an extension of my poetry and are bold and expressive.

To me, painting is a form of self healing and has helped me overcome past trauma and despondency. Colours are an expression of emotions, and are careful placed within each piece to connect to the viewers consciousness and feelings.

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I have being stitching tapestry for 28 years. I started when I was about 10 years old.  It is a dying skill in Portugal, and I am very sad about that. I would like to bring it into the UK.
All materials are from Portugal.

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We are very pleased to announce that we will have a colourful and varied stall featuring pottery by ten artists who work in the Art House pottery studios (all members of our Open Studio – a flexible studio membership).

Their work will be available to view on Sunday 5th, Monday 6th and Sunday 12th May. The potters will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate some techniques – a great opportunity to find out more about the Art House!


My work for Open Up concerns the ‘stuff’ of everyday life, the relationships we form with our belongings and the role that the object plays in the formation of our identity
What we own helps us both stand out from the crowd and shows we belong. Our belongings remind us of the fun we’ve had and the value of loss: steeped in sentimental worth. Stuff is also someone’s rubbish, no longer wanted, possessions discarded and ownership dissolved.



A group of nine artists will be exhibiting glass fusion and pottery as part of Open Up Sheffield. They all attend WEA courses that are run at the Art House.  The artists are a diverse bunch of creative types who enjoy getting together at the Art House to have fun and make some mistress pieces along the way!

Some pieces are for sale so come and grab a bargain!

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is the largest voluntary sector provider of adult education courses in the UK. Founded in 1903 to support the educational needs of working men and women, today’s WEA now runs over 10,000 courses each year for adults of all ages and from all walks of life.

The WEA was founded when there were limited chances for working people in education. Over a hundred years later, the WEA remains committed to offering educational opportunities for adults from all backgrounds and particularly those who missed out on education first time around.