News from the pottery studio – August 2016


Hello, Sarah Vanic here from the Art House Pottery,

Welcome to the beginning of our creative newsfeed, keeping you in touch with up to date activities from our dedicated experienced staff and tutors.  It’s been a great first year with hardly time to take a breath, but we are all settling in nicely and looking forward to the year ahead.  More importantly, I  have finally got my ‘hands on clay’ to fulfill a commission for Museums Sheffield!

I love clay, and have really missed making things, how embarrassing, especially in Sheffield’s ‘Year of Making 2016’…but hey-ho…getting the Art House up and going has been a privilege and dream come true.  Museums Sheffield have a magnficent collection of pottery on display for all to view and a wonderful eductional programme, but they highlighted the lack of opportunity for the children to get their ‘hands on clay’and touch genuine historic relics.

The lovely Alison Creasey provided me with an opportuntiy to touch and handle authentic bronze age terracotta pots.  This enabled me to replicate a copy for the children to have the same sensory experience. I have to tell you, making these copies brought me back to my early experiences of working with clay in a cold attic loft in Meersbrook Sheffield, toiling away independently on my own, copying ancients pots from historical black and white images.

When you touch the clay and try to reproduce  something from the past, time stands still! Try it, join us At the Art House.