My residency, some thoughts…………………..Bethany Costerd


bethany-costerd-bluechimeoffwhite-2Bethany has recently completed a month long residency with the Art House which included running a workshop.  We asked Bethany for her thoughts on the whole experience;

“This experience of the month-long residency has been extremely helpful for me and my practice, I was able to nurture my ideas in a safe and encouraging environment, with the perfect amount of freedom and support.

The aim of the project was to explore the relationship between drawing and sculpture – in this case, clay and ceramics,something which I used in the workshop; everybody brought their own drawings to show which I then helped to adapt into a design for a clay sculpture; which we spent the second half of the workshop making. Some people used tile carving techniques and others used a simple hand-building process (which is what I used for my work) The workshop was about creating a  simple and elegant ‘motif’ in which to explore through clay. Not only have I discovered a new medium, but I have found a new style of work which I will continue to explore long after the residency”.

~ Bethany