Make your very own unique Fairy Door.


Make your own Magical Fairy Door at The Art House.

Originally posted in March, we have a new Fairy Doors Family Workshop on Saturday 14 July.

Why not bring a little of the magic of creativity into your children’s lives? On Saturday 17th March we’re hosting a Magical Fairy Doors Workshop, taught by Angie Hardwick, where kids can make their very own miniature door in clay to take home. Although the main aim of the session will be to have fun, participants will also learn the correct way to roll clay and techniques like imprinting and applying detail.
Fairy doors have quite a history and a quick Google search should give you plenty of inspiration for the session ranging from the very basic designs right through to more advanced, fully functional versions. (Or, if you want to create a slightly darker alternative, Goblin doors are often made to be darker and more foreboding.)
Maybe the most famous fairy doors are in Ann Arbor in Michigan, USA where examples were discovered in a property during renovation. Since then the doors have spread outwards across the city into public locations and have developed a cult following and their own mythology; children leave gifts for the inhabitants and, the doors in shops, sometimes have guest books for visitors to sign. (The bank has a miniature cash machine.)

the Fairy doors of Ann Arbor.

From Michigan the idea slowly spread across the US and then across the globe.
In the UK, Wayford Woods in Somerset initially began with one door installed in a tree but ended up with so many that the council removed them all! So take care where you install yours.
And you could of course buy one online, but nothing actually compares to the joy of making something unique that can become a treasured family item for years to come. So why not sign up today? You can find more information and book your place here.
And the creativity of making a fairy door isn’t where the inventiveness ends; some parents use the doors to encourage magical, creative thinking or to banish bad dreams or spirit away lost teeth. They can even be used as an incentive to lose that dummy: