Home Office generous donation for Pending Coffee Scheme at the Art House!


A huge thanks to the Home Office staff based in Sheffield who have generously donated £500 to help fund the Pending Coffee Scheme at the Art House.

“I’m so pleased that we are able to help out a local charity and one that makes a difference to people’s personal welfare” ~ Roger Grace (Vulcan House, Home Office)

This generous donation will keep the scheme running for a number of months and make a massive difference for many homeless people over the winter period – Thankyou!

The concept of Pending Coffee is simple: when you buy a coffee for yourself you can opt to buy one or more ‘pending’ coffees or snacks. The donation can then be redeemed later by a vulnerable or homeless person.  We have had to adapt the scheme to meet the demand and now offer 10-15 simple meals each day plus hot drinks.

If you would like to know more about the Pending Coffee Scheme in Sheffield, run from a number of different cafes, please go to