Hands on Interior Design Course Starts 19th April


Our Interior Design course with Mark Beachell isn’t just a text book look at design rules – it’s a six week, hands on course that lets you put theory into practice and ultimately, learn to see like an interior designer.
If you’re fascinated by the concepts of interior design, if you want to have the skills to better explain what you like and why, or if you want to learn to add value to a property, this course is the perfect place to start. Mark teaches in an easy to understand way that emphasizes working with what you like rather than having to focus on current trends or fads.

We spoke to Mark about his passion for communicating what Interior Design is and how learning a few simple rules can put you in control of shaping the space around you to be somewhere you love.

What can people who attend the course expect to learn?

People often see design as something woolly and abstract, no more so than interior design, which is often little more than styling. But the discipline of design has firm rational principles which can be taught, and work in any context. Once you understand these principles then they transform how you think. These are often things which – on paper – can sound complicated but in a class setting with discussion and examples, are very simple to grasp.
For example, colour theory: we stop thinking of colour as a thing with a name like “blueish grey” and learn to view colour as a position in a spectrum that has a relationship with other very specific colours. And it’s not guesswork, it’s a simple thing to understand and it always works perfectly.
Tools like this are powerful and transformational – and we’ll learn lots of them throughout the course.

Is there a separate topic each week? If so what?

Week One: Understanding Style. We’ll look at what style is and why, for example, modernism looks so different from art nouveau or arts and crafts. This is another example of something that sounds complicated but is totally straightforward. It helps you understand what might be right for your building and have a knowledge of a spectrum of styles. You don’t have to know your Art Nouveau from your Gothic when you first attend but by the end of the course you will!

Week Two: How to think like a designer. Straightforward principles on how shapes have character and how to give a space an overall personality.
Week Three: How to think about using colour and how it works with shapes and proportion to create mood and personality. Again, if colour currently seems something that other people get and you don’t this course can change that. Or if you’re good with colour to begin with, you will be given tools to understand it in new and exciting ways.

Weeks 4 – 6: Here we’ll move into interior architecture – space planning and how to get your ideas across to others. This touches on plans and elevations and the skills that truly transform a space and that can add real value to property.

This may sound daunting, but I will show you in minutes creative and effective methods which we will apply to re-design a real space.

How did you get involved in teaching interior design?

I read art history at Cambridge and I lecture in art and design. I’ve studied interior design and decoration since and taken an MA in contemporary fine art. Visual principles are the same whatever you are doing.

Interior design is much more than just the finished outcomes you see in magazines or on television. There’s a process of getting to that point. Without that knowledge, looking at great photos in glossy magazines for ideas about your own space is a lot like trying to learn to paint by looking at postcards of paintings. I want people to have the tools and really know how to use them.
After attending this course, when you next see those images in magazines you will understand the steps that it took to get to the finished project, and be confident to start your own projects.

And your own signature tastes?

I don’t really have signature tastes – I have a very wide and eclectic spectrum of things that go from a 17th century chest with a Zaha Hadid on it to a kitchen with lots of Ikea in it.

This course runs on Thursday’s, 6:30 – 8:30, starting 16th April – 24th May. If it sounds like your thing, you can BOOK HERE!