“Glitch:” Seeing the world through the eyes of new, young local artists.


“Glitch:” Seeing the world through the eyes of new, young local artists.

If you want to see established artists (or even old masters) ,Sheffield has lots of great cultural venues for you to go to be inspired. But, what if you want to see the next generation of up and coming local artists at the very beginning of their creative journeys?
Well, for the next two weeks, The Art House would be a good place to start.
Students from Longley Park College are moving their work into our exhibition space and there’s something for everyone no matter what style or medium you enjoy. The exhibition.
,entitled ‘Glitch’ ,features a spectrum of contemporary artworks from students studying for UAL level 2 & 3 exams. Although they study in a variety of subjects,  art & design, media, 3D product design, photography and Fine Art – it is the theme of ‘Glitch’ that unites them in the exhibition space.

noun: glitch; plural noun: glitches
a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment.
an unexpected setback.
a brief irregularity.

verb: glitch; 3rd person present: glitches; past tense: glitched; past participle: glitched; gerund or present participle: glitching
suffer a sudden malfunction or fault.

(Definition from the Oxford Dictionary) 

The title ‘Glitch’ was initially inspired by one student’s work (Wendy) around mental wellbeing, the exhibition promises to give a wide and diverse insight into the youth perspective on the city and the world. Whilst some pieces tackle the inner landscapes of subjects such as mental health and Asperger’s Syndrome, other pieces look more outwards towards issues such as feminism, international politics and the environment.
Tutor Matt Rowan -Maw said: “It’s about a break from the norm, an opportunity to see things away from the normal day to day routine of life. “

Plus Sheffield features in the work too, these are young voices from the city bringing a Steel City perspective to the bigger picture of life. Expect to see familiar city landmarks in film of the city and more abstract references elsewhere.

There is much talk in media and politics about the role of youth in the world and how they see the future but this is a perfect opportunity to do more than simply talk about it without them present; “Glitch” let’s you see it up close through clever, cutting edge art that gives you a first person insight into what it means to be a young artist in 21st Century Britain.
This isn’t teenage art. This is what is happening. Now. Here.

If you’ve ever wondered what young people are thinking or if you thought that lots of mainstream art from the larger galleries doesn’t speak to you – you need to visit.

Glitch runs from Friday 8th June until Thursday 15th June.