Finding Breathing Space In The City


Finding breathing space in the city.
Modern life can sometimes seem to be full of pressures and stress; city centers can seem to be permanently in fifth gear as people rush from task to task. So today we’re asking how, or where you go to find some peace and tranquility within Sheffield?
A big part of The Art House ethos is that creative spaces are becoming more important in our 24/7 world. As well as a vegetarian café, we offer people an opportunity to check out of their day to day routine and re-embrace their creativity in one of our many ceramic or art classes. Or if you’re looking for inspiration through other people’s creativity, we often have free exhibitions in our exhibition space. Click here to see what’s coming up.
Research shows that art – either creating it or spending time appreciating it – can be beneficial to everyone; we are working towards becoming the best we can be as a venue that helps to create positive social networks where individuals can develop new skills, increase their confidence and find hope for the future. And we want to know your examples of where else you go to find time for your own wellbeing in Sheffield.
So to start off the list,here’s three of our favorite chill out places:
1) Graves Gallery – spend your lunch time basking in the city’s art collection on the top floor of the Central Library, taking a slow journey through a timeline of art to finish at Grayson Perry’s huge tapestry of British values always recharges the batteries.
2) The Winter Gardens: perfect for eating a prepacked lunch or just meandering on those bad weather days when you don’t actually want to be outside (but don’t quite want the feeling of being inside either).
3) Waterstones: is there a day that isn’t improved wandering aimlessly through a bookstore?
So why not head over to our Twitter or Facebook and share your city gems with us and our followers.