Creative writing at the Art House


Our Creative Writing Course with Rob Smith starts 13th May 2109. We caught up with Rob to talk about the course and to get a poem from him!



What can people expect in the course?

Rob: What people can expect is encouragement, an audience for their work, the chance to discuss ideas about creative writing, either their own, or poetry in general, hopefully by the end of the course they will go away with a deeper understanding of creative writing and how they can become a writer, or expand on the skills they already possess. Oh! and it will be fun!

Creative writing? Is it poetry and prose?

Rob: Creative writing comes in many forms. Essentially, it the arrangement of words in to a particular order that catches both the eye and the ear.

What’s your journey into writing?

Rob: I have always played around with words and word structures, I love how they can crackle and fizz in your head.

5 hashtags to describe either the course or what you write?

Rob: #therapy #forthecraic #lightbubmoments # myworld #thingsthatgoping!

Your top tips for dealing with writers block?

Rob: One: Just get on with your day do not think of writing at all and the idea will come to you

Two: eavesdrop on other people chatting, it’s a goldmine!!

Three: listen to the lyrics of your favourite song, then try to re-write that song

Four: try the cut and paste approach

Your thoughts on Sheffield as a creative place?

Rob: I was born in Sheffield and really cannot think of a better place to live, Sheffield is like a big village with lots of people from all over the world all bringing something new, all, adding colours, ideas, sounds, smells, textures, our history reflects this and can only inspire creativity.

And your favourite writers would be?

Rob: Charles Dickens, Ted Hughes, George Orwell, Seamus Heaney, Kurt Vonnegut, Brian Patten, Terry Pratchet, John Betjeman, Roger McGough, Adrian Henri, Tom Waits, and the list goes on!

We do a lot of work around mental health and well-being. What’s your thoughts on this in connection to creative writing?

Rob: I think creative writing in any form is great for peace of mind as it is a way of being heard in a sometimes very noisy world, you can take something out of your head and place it on a page, I think by doing that you can sometimes get distance from your thoughts and see them more clearly

Can we have a flavour of your work?

Let her be held apart, removed, absent
as she scales her tower, let the
black cracked birds steal her peacocks feather
and hold it to the dead flowers in her hair.

Lead her away in careful perdition
hiding her in the quick sleep of the wicked,
tugging at her fingertips one one by one
till the skin peels slowly.

And at the dark of the day let her hasten
In bindweed and hellebore let her linger
in drear midwinter, ’til she dresses in the
bedlam of the sacred disease.