Chupinka Pottery Sheffield at Harland Works


Chupinka Pottery Art SignageChupinka Pottery Sheffield at Harland works is getting really excited about all the upcoming activities springing forth in April and May and breathing a sigh of relief and catching up from the long cold evenings…

We have just completed our winter sessions culminating in a Social Pottery Evening with members from all the classes joining us in fantastic homemade delicacies plus the biggest spread of pots we could imagine, laying themselves bare for heated debate as to “What is a good Pot?” And “why do we like clay pots/vessels?”

Conversation was lively with special interest in a piece of over-fired ceramic porcelain tea bowls, which melted and fused with the kiln shelf, but the bigger splash of the evening was Vic’s homemade tart and Valerie’s rainbow cupcakes! Yes cupcakes ! Not fairy cakes as we have a proportion of our audience from America! Mmmmm… aren’t they noisy, well I can say that as I am one of them!

More recently though, listen out for our up and coming Podcast with none other than Shaun Higgins and Sarah Vanic spouting off about clay and its early days, from pothole to the modern vessel.