Strength in Poetry: war veteran Karl Tearney’s journey to recovery through creative writing

A few weeks ago we visited the Art in the Aftermath exhibition in Barkers Pool showcasing work from veterans suffering from PTSD and / or mental health issues. The project looks at how creativity can benefit individuals and be a transformative tool in their ongoing recovery. Veteran Karl Tearney told us how discovering a gift…

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27th August 2019

Photography, creativity and a journey through recovery.

We recently met up with Michelle who was one of the contributors to an addaction Digital Photography Project at Access Space. Michelle had previously been a drug user and has gone through a recovery programme – her participation on this photography course was part of her ongoing journey of recovery.  We talked to her about…

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18th May 2019

Well-being – Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University Widening Participation and Outreach team At Sheffield Hallam University, promoting and supporting positive mental health is a hugely important part of the work we do. We offer targeted support for vulnerable groups such as carers, care leavers and refugees both pre and post entry and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise…

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27th February 2019

Tutor and Participant: Two Personal Views of The Art House.

Tutor and Participant: Two Personal Views of The Art House. The Art House is often referred to as ‘a hidden gem’ and we’re eager to change that view!  We don’t want our community based creative space to remain hidden and we’ve been having an ongoing drive through December and January to increase our following. A…

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8th February 2019

Photography, The Art House and Google Maps.

Photography, The Art House and Google Maps Meet Philip Metcalfe, a St Mary’s and Art House regular who agreed to talk to us about how spending time at these sites lead to him embracing a new project of helping Google map the city and the unique community focus he brings to the work. “I originally…

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19th April 2018

Well-being Classes at The Art House

Well-being Classes at The Art House. Although the Art House opened in 2015 the site of St Matthews, Carver Street has a long history of putting art, craft and education at the center of the community. The third vicar of the church, Father George Campbell Ommanney, believed that the church should be at the very…

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28th March 2018