Creative writing at the Art House

Our Creative Writing Course with Rob Smith starts 13th May 2109. We caught up with Rob to talk about the course and to get a poem from him!     What can people expect in the course? Rob: What people can expect is encouragement, an audience for their work, the chance to discuss ideas about…

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30th April 2019

Art House well-being work update – Pop Up Exhibition (April 2019)

This exhibition showcases the stepping stone well-being class and how to be in the ‘Flow’ with art making. Listening to music, creating their own art materials, crafting ceramic palettes for watercolour painting and creating tools to draw with; has been the emphasis for a deeper engagement with art making.  If one draws with materials made…

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25th April 2019

Talking to Carol Lambert about her exhibition ‘Flowing …. Water’

How did the exhibition come about? The idea for this exhibition has been in my head for a while and I was looking around for a suitable venue.  I have been to exhibitions by Sheffield Printmakers in the gallery and I loved the space.  Last February I was given money for my birthday towards a…

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12th February 2019

The Age Of Love: Festival of The Mind

The Age of Love: Festival of the Mind at The Art House. The Age of Love is a collaboration between Dr Sharron Hinchliff, Reader at the University of Sheffield, and Sheffield’s very own Pete McKee who is known for his distinctive style and evocative images. It opens at The Art House on 20th September and…

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20th September 2018

Billigoat Designs: Meet Kate Billington

Billigoat Designs: Meet Kate Billington Kate Billington (of Billigoat Designs) is a regular tutor for The Art House. She has a tree themed Stained Glass workshop this month on the 11th August. We caught up with Kate and asked her a few questions to give you an insight into what she does (and why) and…

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6th August 2018

An Insight into A Wellbeing Class

An Insight Into A Wellbeing Class As a new volunteer for the Painted Fabrics Project, I had a particularly impactful first class. I helped out with a group that are nearly at the end of the first year of The Story of Painted Fabrics Project exploring the story of Annie Binden Carter’s work with disabled…

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10th July 2018