Artful Zebrafish Earn your Stripes



Artful Zebrafish-Earn your Stripes.

We have been delighted to host this exhibition of work in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, Festival of the Mind and local Street Artists.

Work by CoLor is central to the exhibition as are pieces by Milak, Foundry and Trik9. Also central to the theme is the work of Claire Allen and Fiona Milne who work alongside the team at the University caring for the Zebrafish in the aquariums and laboratories.

The exhibition also features ceramics and art made by children during the workshops run by the project. It is open until 30th September and if you are in town visiting the Festival of the Mind, please come along to have a look!festival-of-the-mind1john-and-claire-zebrafishjohns-zebrafish