Art House well-being work update – Pop Up Exhibition (April 2019)


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This exhibition showcases the stepping stone well-being class and how to be in the ‘Flow’ with art making. Listening to music, creating their own art materials, crafting ceramic palettes for watercolour painting and creating tools to draw with; has been the emphasis for a deeper engagement with art making.  If one draws with materials made by themselves it starts the creative process earlier than usual.

Focus was placed on bringing the 5 senses into awareness, trying to stay in the moment when making can be quite a challenge. So many thoughts crowd in and get in the way and so often an internal critic stops one believing in themselves and their choices.

Risk taking and accepting change were key elements to the term and we regularly started the session with short warm-ups to set the scene for creating and trusting the process. Emphasis was placed on feeling objects, sense of smell of natural materials, hearing sounds through a varied musical playlist …

Images included here highlight, tools that were made with homemade charcoal and bamboo holders, painting with clay liquid slip, and painting to music focusing on abstraction of the sounds.

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Sarah Vanic for more information.