The Art House opens!


e485ef42e26094d4b72ffb4551dbd692Finally after 5 years of hard work Team Art House opened the doors on 8th August and welcomed the public to our beautiful building. We could hardly believe it was happening. So many friends and supporters across the country have believed in our vision and backed us with support and finance. And so we opened and nervously waited for people to come. To our delight they came. And they loved it: “uplifting and inspiring” “beautiful” were just some of the comments.

So as Chris from Faunographics began the transformation of Backfields, leading up to our new entrance, people came and met with some of our artists – Jacqui doing textiles, Logan doing clay sculpture, Emma doing oils and Xenia demonstrating felting.

People basked in our sunlit courtyard, looked at the pottery and art in our exhibition space (hung in the nick of time by Dan, Tony and Hannah) and gazed at the new view of Sheffield from the glazed link corridor.

We had so many positive comments, so many people telling us that this is what Sheffield needs, so many sharing their ideas. It was a fantastic day. Check out the photos in the gallery, or download our brochure to book on a course: there is plenty to choose from – watercolours, drawing, life drawing, textiles, felting, wheel throwing and beginners pottery. The Art House is for anyone, no matter what your confidence, experience or ability. Come along and learn how to be creative!