All Our brains Workshops


The new exhibition at The Art House is “All Our Brains” – an exhibition that explores the topic of dementia and its effect on people’s lives. (There’s another blog post here where we talk with one of the organisers of the event.)
It opens on the 16th February and will be on show until 2nd March. You’ll be able to view the art in the café and our exhibition gallery.
But, besides from simply visiting the space, we’re pleased to tell you that there are also two accompanying, free workshops to support the exhibition and to help people personally engage with the issues it explores. The organisers are eager that “All Our Brains” should continue to evolve as an exhibition and by taking part in the workshops you’ll be helping to add to it.
These workshops are being run by Drink Wise, Age Well.
The first session focuses on the theme of ‘Time’ and the second on ‘Space Perception and Sight.’ Each session is 3 hours long and will include a tour of the exhibition alongside one of the curators, time for conversation and exploration and a creative activity to explore these themes further. Participants can choose to do this either as a group and / or as an individual. The final group piece will be added to the exhibition for other visitors to see. (We have twelve spaces on each session for people aged 50 and over so please contact us to book so as to ensure your place. If you want to know more about the differences between the sessions – or for general Drink Wise, Age Well information – please contact Grace Weatherburn. Her details are at the bottom of this article.)
Drink Wise, Age Well is a five year BIG lottery funded programme aimed at reducing alcohol related harm in the over 50s. They can provide information about alcohol consumption and ageing (if you want to explore this) but, most importantly they want to connect with individuals and groups in open conversations about whatever issues matter to them. This could be drink but, equally, it could be loneliness or anxiety or just wanting to talk.
Research shows that remaining socially active is beneficial to ageing well and, besides from their workshops at The Art House, Drink Wise, Age Well provides a six week Mind and Memory course in the city. Each session is free, lasts two hours and covers topics such as memory, mindfulness and cognitive skills. During the final two weeks participants get to unleash their creativity and work on producing an individual “My Story” to record what’s important to them. How would you record yours? Some people have used snapshots, others words and one participant created a My Story bunting.
And, if you’d just like to find out more, they also provide taster sessions in activities ranging from allotments to cookery to walking football and even an urban gym at Bramall Lane. You can explore their national website and see all your options here.

As Grace (Weatherburn) said, ‘the real thing underpinning the project’s aims is providing a supportive space for anyone 50+ who has an interest in their own wellbeing (or those close to them) and likes to meet new people’. If that sounds like you, then please feel free to get in touch.
Contact info: Art House
Exhibition curator:
Grace Weatherburn:
0800 032 3723