A visit to the Sculpture Lounge Studios, Holmfirth


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Tuesday morning the students from the Art House Stepping Stone Class set out for the Holme Valley to visit the Sculpture Lounge; a large art/workspace environment which hosts a community of artists and design makers.

Holmbridge Mill which is set on the banks of the River Holme provide a beautiful setting for artists to make and create. We were very fortunate to have the attention and time of the Sculptor Brendan Hesmondalgh and artist John Holt.

John and Brendan together showed us that aspirations, hard work and a desire to make sculpture and follow your path can bring benefits to the community but also make a dream come true: to be an artist surviving in the world.

For more information and general enquiries about the sculpture lounge and it’s artists and makers.

Email info@sculpturelounge.com
Brendan Hesmondhalgh hesmondhalghsculpture.co.uk
John Holt www.flowart.org.uk