A new year and …………new tools!


Went in my home studio this week for the first time since well before Xmas and had the pleasure of collecting some dead flies and frozen spiders.  Least to say a massive clean up of all my tools.  How bout the lovely task of addressing things left behind half finished…yeh, fun!

My attempts at getting the new year started well aren’t too bad; a bit of a trudge jogging round Meersbrook Park on dark mornings with trusted ‘Jake’ and hoping to get into a routine making some ceramics for the next Open Up studios in Sheffield come Springtime.  

Speaking of tools, if you fancy making your own hand-building or thrown tools come to our workshop March 4th, Me & Mick Randle, tool extraordinaire are going to create your own personalised set for keeping and taking away!

Look forward to seeing you in the studio…………..