Our aims


Our aims

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We set up the Art House because we believe that participation in the arts and creative opportunities brings improved health outcomes and an increased sense of well-being.   More specifically the benefits include:

Learning and skills development: building on an individual’s assets/strengths by supporting them to learn new or develop their creative skills and techniques. Engagement in the creative process encourages skills development in other areas such as planning, decision making, problem solving etc.

Sense of belonging:  key to our approach is supporting students, over time, to identify individual and suitable progression routes that allow them to discover their talents and abilities, to learn new skills, to develop their confidence and progress into other classes in the Art House or other local studios, to volunteer and feel part of a wider artistic community.

Meeting others: our well-being groups provide those who are experiencing mental health issues and at risk for social exclusion an opportunity to meet with others who have similar interest in art and creativity.

Improved self-esteem and confidence: progression and learning through creative activity allows students the creative freedom to regain their self-esteem and confidence.

Development of artist identity: experiencing art work as an opportunity for self-expression; engaging in art activity that offers ‘time out’ from the preoccupations of everyday life; and the development and recognition of artistic skills allows students to reconstruct their personal identity as an artist.

Belonging: students are able to take on greater responsibility through volunteering positions within the Art House and build employable skills. They are also able to establish relationships with the wider community through the exhibitions, previews and events made available to all students and the wider arts community.

Keeping safe: where necessary early intervention and communication with support services about a student’s welfare or safeguarding.