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Further information for referral agencies

Well-being Groups

The Art House currently runs three well-being groups each week (48 weeks of the year) where individuals are able to pursue their interest in art and/or pottery.  These sessions allow students to work at their own pace on individual projects or work with other students on group projects.

Our approach is asset based, effective and improves wellbeing.  Evaluation and feedback from well-being students has confirmed that they view our distinctive contribution to their recovery is this focus on art and skills development within these classes where people talk about and focus on their strengths and abilities towards art and creativity rather than on any mental health diagnosis.

The groups are targeted on those who have been given their own Personal Budget to manage their own care (through the Council or NHS) and who wish to develop their interest in art or pottery.

Over time students work with the tutors to find a suitable progression route of how they want to develop their interest in art or pottery, or greater involvement in helping around the studios or volunteer in the Art House or some of our partner agencies.

New “Stepping Stone” classes (starting February 2018)

In addition to our well-being groups we are developing an additional “stepping stone” course as a progression route for students who have been attending the well-being groups.

These classes (typical length course of 5-6 weeks) differ from the well-being groups as they offer  students an opportunity to access more structured and curriculum based learning (more similar to our commercial classes), focusing on a specific art project or skills development.  They also allow students to become more involved in the design of these sessions and ultimately a voice in the development of the Art House.

How do I access the well-being groups for one of my service users/patients?

For the latest information on whether we have any space in the group for new students or if you require any further information please email:

After contacting Sarah we always suggest that potential students arrange to come and visit so they can attend the class as a trial session before committing to attending the group(s) on an ongoing basis.  At that visit we can discuss their particular interests in art and pottery and how we can support them – and take details of their Personal Budget so we can set up our

Is there a cost?

£18 (two hour class) for those people on a Personal Budget.

Please note – from attending this 2-hour weekly class the student can gain access to other free support and creative sessions at no further cost (for example the Stepping Stones class).

For those people who have not been granted a Personal Budget there may be some flexibility in the advertised price – we can discuss this with you.

Do I need to send any information regarding my service user/patient?

We do not have a formal referral form and we don’t require any detailed medical histories for any service user/patient looking to attend the groups.  However we do require any relevant information to ensure we can ensure the safety of that individual and the other students when attending the classes.

Please contact us if you feel you are working with a service user/patient who may benefit from attending our well-being groups (0114 – 272 3970).