Open Up 2017


OPEN UP 2017

Exciting news!  We will be hosting a number of artists during Sheffield Open Up 2017. We will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

The first weekend of Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th April and Monday 1st May and
The second weekend of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May.

Details of exhibiting artists:

Mark Beachell:

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Mark Beachell read art history at Cambridge followed by a masters in contemporary fine art at Sheffield Hallam institute of art and design. He is a lecturer in critical and contextual studies. His practice is driven by exploring ideas about science, time, exploration and the notion of the sublime. Many images derive from journeys taken in pursuit of a larger project, projects which may involve climbing an erupting volcano, searching for evidence of a meteorite impact or experiencing an alpine storm. Mark works in wide range of media, traditional and contemporary. Above all the work is driven by the pursuit of beauty.

Mark currently teaches the popular ‘Painting Techniques’ course at the Art House.

Roger Bell:

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Roger is a sculptor and ceramicist making work to fit into a domestic setting, though he would welcome the chance to work on a larger scale. He trained in ceramics under Brian Starkey at Sutton College of Liberal Arts and has subsequently exhibited widely in galleries in the United Kingdom. He also sells from his studio and through art and ceramic shows in UK, Germany, and Netherlands.

Inspirations are eclectic and include the jigsaw form, architecture, abstract sculpture, and furniture. You may see the influence of Anselm Kiefer, Andy Goldsworthy, Bridget Riley, and Samuel Beckett amongst others in some pieces.

Planters, clocks, mirrors and some sculptures are fired clay pieces, but his sculptures involve a wide range of materials including wood, slate, metal rods, electrical wire, failed light bulbs – whatever is available and appropriate.

Tim Bye:  

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Tim Bye is an artist and illustrator specialising in cartoon, caricature and character design.  He has worked on various private and public commissions including work for Wardour / Unilever and Museums Sheffield.  A member of the Association of Illustrators and Sheffield Creative Guild, Tim’s passion is for drawing and painting and he strives to continually develop his craft.

Tim currently teaches two popular drawing courses at the Art House:  ‘Drawing Techniques’ and ‘Drawing for Fun’.

Graham Clark:

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Graham works in a variety of media, from watercolour to oils, acrylics, pastels and mixed media and covers most subjects. His leaning at present is towards landscapes and marine subjects.
Graham’s background in graphic design clearly influences his painting style and has also filtered through to his new passion in pottery.  Graham Clark has exhibited with many reputable galleries and art fairs and his work is in a number of private collections; also in recent years and against strong international competition, he had work accepted by the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Marine Artists for their annual open exhibitions.
In October 2015 Graham embarked upon a beginners hand building course at the Art House, followed by an intermediate course earlier in 2016.
“It has been an incredible journey so far, there is so much to learn I wish I had taken up pottery decades ago but with all that I have learnt to date from the incredible team at the Art House I intend to go as far as I can with this medium. It’s so much fun exploring and discovering the many forms and techniques one can apply to a lump of clay. It’s also exciting to see the outcomes, I’m so glad I found this new way of creating and self-expression, the possibilities are endless”.  Graham is currently a member of the Art House Open Studio.

Lyn  Hodnett

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Story and myth are important influences in Lyn Hodnett’s work.  Her paintings and prints suggest both a personal and universal narrative and are influenced by religions, mythology, fairytale and folklore. She uses acrylic paint on paper or board, combined with layers of charcoal, varnish and mixed media. Printmaking is also an important part of her art practice and Lino-cuts, collagraph and mono prints have always progressed along-side of her paintings.

Lyn trained at Sheffield Hallam University, gaining a BA(Hons) in Fine Art in 1985 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Printmaking from Brighton Polytechnic 1989. She has exhibited throughout the UK and received several national art prizes including the British Airways Young Achievers in Art Award, Manchester and Peterborough Open Exhibitions and printmaking prizes from The Redfern Gallery London, and The Angel Row Gallery Nottingham. A free-lance artist since 1986, she is also an Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and teaches A ‘level Art at Thomas Rotherham College.

John Kerr:

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My work ranges through various media from watercolours and oil painting to photography.  The immediacy of photography allows me to explore many different areas from portraiture to landscape. I have always loved black and white photographs and still use traditional film.  Water has always fascinated me and many of my paintings depict water in its many forms and how the human figure relates to it. Distortion, reflection, movement and colour are subjects I often return to. The human figure, whether in, submerged or simply near water is a source of constant inspiration. I love to be by the sea.  I am inspired by many painters from Leonardo da Vinci and Giovanni Bellini to Lucian Freud and Stanley Spencer.

John currently teaches two popular water-colour courses at the Art House:  ‘The Art of Water-colour’ and ‘Further Techniques in Water-colour’.

Ali Kitley-Jones

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Ali is the Arts & Wellbeing Coordinator at the Art House:

I have been inspired this year by the idea John Holt shared with us concerning “The flow” (click here for images of John’s exhibition). My work has been a reflection of my desire to find space for the flow. I have been allowing the process and materials to lead me forward into the images, experimenting with inks, brusho, gel pens, water colour pencils and acrylics.

The images have appeared to look like the earth from space, as revealed by satellite photographs. Some look like the rice fields in China, others seem like oceans, islands and faraway places from my dreams.

My art is an expression of my need to be creative to maintain my mental health. I am fortunate to work at the Art house supporting others to find their creative flow.

Anna Massey

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I am a freelance Artist and Art Tutor creating paintings, drawings and prints inspired by colour, light and the natural world.  My past has led me through many art disciplines: a degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University, my own business in eco paints and murals and working as a Senior Tutor, teaching painting and drawing.  Now as a freelance tutor I continue to run painting and drawing courses, workshops and home tuition sessions for adults and produce and exhibit my work across Sheffield and the Peak District.

More information about my work and the courses I run can be found at

Joanna Matthewson Bower

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A Scottish born artist settled in Sheffield, I design contemporary Filigree jewellery inspired by my love of the intricate patterns in nature’s flowers & leaves. Each individual piece I begin making with a single strand of sterling silver wire resulting in pendants,earrings and rings reminiscent of Celtic knot work, with a light ethereal quality. I will be demonstrating my creative process and Faerie Filigree jewellery will be available for sale at the Art House.

Flora Menager

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Flora Ménager has lived and travelled on both sides of the Atlantic and across the Channel, having grown up in France and the USA, and worked and studied an Italy, Prague, Lisbon and Sheffield. Her art is drawn from the people and places she has seen, with a style which combines literal representation with expressive use of colour and line: a meditation on her surroundings with a special focus on figurative subjects, cityscapes and nature, often depicting fish, birds and people in everyday scenes. She most enjoys the forms of intaglio printmaking, watercolour layered with textured gouache, and ink.

Flora graduated with a BFA from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin before coming to Sheffield, where she gained a Masters in Landscape Architecture. She now works as a landscape architect, gifting her a new perspective from which to see and record the world around her.
Flora teaches a variety of courses in painting and drawing at the Art House and loves the opportunity to share her passion for art with others!
Flora’s Art Website:
Flora’s Photography Website:

Logan Obermeyer

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Logan is our Studio Technician and Tutor for throwing and hand-building classes.

My focus this year, so far as making is concerned, is to join my work in sculpture and carving with my improving skills on the wheel in order to produce some thrown and altered/carved teapots/sets.

Mick Randle

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I have been working with clay for seventeen years, in my work as a therapist, in my studio and lately as a teacher at the art house.  In my studio I strive to create ceramics that are unique, beautiful and of practical use.  I find pleasure in creating works that are both aesthetically pleasing and of a realistic cost.  To achieve this I endeavour to apply both the skills of the production potter and the artist.  I get great satisfaction in passing on these skills to the students and to see them progress from beginners to competent throwers, creating their own unique pieces.

Mick currently teaches a number of advanced pottery wheel throwing classes at the Art House.

Mike Scown

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Mike Scown is a self-taught potter who has been working with clay for about five years, starting out in his garden shed and building a wood-fuelled kiln from scrap house bricks.  In October 2014 he joined the Yorkshire Artspace Starter Studio Programme for Ceramics, a two-year business development platform, and upon completion last autumn moved into a studio on the top floor of the Art House, where he currently produces thrown tableware in stoneware and porcelain alongside teaching throwing and raku classes in the evenings.  His main interest in ceramics is in the development of glazes and the firing process, and his current aim is to get the small gas kiln that he recently built to behave itself.

Mike currently teaches a number of pottery courses at the Art House, including pottery wheel throwing and raku firing classes.

Sarah Vanic:

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Sarah is the Pottery Coordinator at the Art House:

I enjoy all aspects of clay work and fluctuate in style and function depending upon my work constraints. At the moment I am exploring terracotta vessels with decorating slip and stoneware wall reliefs for outdoors.

Andrew Walker (and his cat!):

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I ventured into ceramics around 2 years ago. My work is all hand built using slab, moulded and coiled stoneware.  I take a simple approach to design and form, often combining geometrical shapes to construct vessels that try to bridge the gap between functional and sculptural.  Most of my current influences come from the industrial landscape around us; from brutalist architecture – to mechanical parts, from utility covers -to raw materials.  During 2017 I wish to develop this theme of work further and hopefully push the boundaries of functional design.  Andrew is currently a member of the Art House Open Studio.

Follow link for more images of Andrew’s work

Hannah Weber:

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Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, I grew up surrounded by decaying mills and the remnants of a once thriving textile industry.  From a young age I became fascinated by old machinery and dreamt about what had gone before when I found fragments of ceramics, glass, wood, metal and textiles as I scoured river banks.

Inspired by my local environment, in 2004 I did a degree in Textile Crafts (after firstly completing a BTEC in General Art and Design), where I specialised in weaving.  Over the years I have also tried many other types of art and craft – printing, sewing, film photography and felting, to name just a few.

When the Art House opened in 2015, I became a pottery volunteer, which has had such a positive impact on me – meeting others with a shared admiration of ceramics has been so inspiring. I love being around clay, in a studio environment and in an educational setting.  The ceramic art I currently make is highly influenced by my background in textiles – I make jewellery by knotting and weaving with clay, put my handmade ceramic pendants onto cords that I carefully braid and my buttons are created with the hope that one day they will adorn handmade clothing, bags and other accessories. Like the ‘treasure’ I collect, my pieces look as though they have been weathered by nature – it’s as though water has worn their edges, the sun has bleached them and time has allowed them to acquire patina.