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Migration Matters Festival

Migration Matters Festival  The Sheffield Migration Matters festival is in its twentieth year and continues to pursue the aim of giving a platform to artists who can sometimes find it difficult to get one. The problem, says Festival Director Sam Holland, can be that society often sees them as simply ‘an asylum seeker’ or ‘a…

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15th June 2018

Glitch: The Artist’s Perspective

Glitch: The Artist’s Perspective The Longley Park College exhibition ‘Glitch’ (now drawing to a close in our gallery space) showcased young local artists and offered a snapshot of 21st Century life through the eyes of a new generation of creatives. We talked to Jack David Hinson about the inspiration for his untitled artwork which combined…

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13th June 2018

“Glitch:” Seeing the world through the eyes of new, young local artists.

“Glitch:” Seeing the world through the eyes of new, young local artists. If you want to see established artists (or even old masters) ,Sheffield has lots of great cultural venues for you to go to be inspired. But, what if you want to see the next generation of up and coming local artists at the…

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8th June 2018

A Stress Toolbox For Artists

A stress toolbox for artists. The modern world can be a busy place seemingly throwing problem after problem in your direction; it doesn’t take long for these problems to mount up and the result is often stress. Cases of stress and anxiety are now the second most reported ill health condition in respect of work…

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30th May 2018

Eating like Frida Kahlo

Eating like Frida Kahlo Last week we posted a link to a Frida Kahlo recipe for a Grilled Zucchini Salad on our Facebook page. And, people liked it and some even came in to tell us they liked it. So we decided to make it, and we sampled it in our beautiful little courtyard garden space (after hours as…

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21st May 2018

Art: How To Understand Things Made To Be Looked At.

Art: How To Understand Things Made To Be Looked At. Do you sometimes feel daunted by art? Sometimes feel that you’re not sure what you’re meant to see or what it’s meant to mean? Think the ‘experts’ know better? Then think again; the Art House is always looking for ways to make art more accessible…

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18th May 2018