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Pot Holes and the Potter

The potholes of the city roads are always a hot topic of conversation and, after the recent bout of bad weather, there seems to be ever more of them appearing. But have you ever wondered about the term ‘pothole’ and how it came to be used for these annoying obstacles. It’s fair to say that…

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22nd March 2018

DRAFT: a new supportive art community for Sheffield.

Sometimes part of the creative process can involve getting a little bit lost or feeling isolated or worn out. Everyone has those moments when they question what they’ve created (or are thinking about creating) and, at these points, it can be good to reach out into a community of like-minded individuals to seek some feedback…

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16th March 2018

Like art? Like wine? We may have got your perfect night out.

“I like on the table, when we’re speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine.” Pablo Neruda. If you’re looking for a different Friday night out and, at the end of it, want more than just a slight headache to show for it – why not join us on 23rd March for a “Sip…

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13th March 2018

Make your very own unique Fairy Door.

Why not bring a little of the magic of creativity into your children’s lives? On Saturday 17th March we’re hosting a Magical Fairy Doors Workshop, taught by Angie Hardwick, where kids can make their very own miniature door in clay to take home. Although the main aim of the session will be to have fun,…

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12th March 2018

Finding Breathing Space In The City

Finding breathing space in the city. Modern life can sometimes seem to be full of pressures and stress; city centers can seem to be permanently in fifth gear as people rush from task to task. So today we’re asking how, or where you go to find some peace and tranquility within Sheffield? A big part…

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9th March 2018

Art House Manager – recruiting now!

Hi everyone, Just to let you know that I will be moving on from the Art House in the next few months and so we will be looking for a new manager to take over the role (we’ve survived the tricky first two years of operating as a social enterprise and have come out the…

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6th March 2018