Open Up 2018


Open Up 2018

We are taking part in Open Up Sheffield 2018, for their 20th year!
Be sure to visit on the following dates, between  11:00 am – 3:00 pm.
Saturday 5th May • Sunday 6th May • Monday 7th May
Saturday 12th May • Sunday 13th May

Mary Else

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“My pieces are slab and coil built. I use different layers of glazes, Oxides, slips and under glazes to achieve a varied colourful surface. New work also includes a variety of clay bodies My current work is influenced by natural elements and formations, such as rock, shell and fish shapes, seed pods and music. With all of my work colour and form are of equal importance to me. I always wish to create a whole piece in which the colour is part of the form, both inside and out. I also allow the material and its properties to help inform where the work will go. This determines the colour and shapes/patterns used. I take part in Sheffield Open up every year and have found that it’s a great way to promote yourself and meet with the public. I have been creating with clay for a long time! Some of my favourite Ceramic Artists include Lucie Rie, Mo Jupp and Grayson Perry.”

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Emma Parkinson

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“I’m a part-time ceramic artist and I like to make individually handcrafted pieces. These are usually press-moulded and added to using the coiling technique. I then decorate with colourful slips and once bisc fired with underglaze and a clear earthenware glaze.
I completed and gained an HND in Design (ceramics) back in 1987 and went on to complete and gain a post-graduate certificate in Ceramics at Goldsmiths college.
My ideas and inspiration are from a wide source – nature, patterns, colour interactions, and I like to keep up to date with the latest art and craft exhibitions.”

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Anna Massey

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I am a freelance Artist and Art Tutor creating paintings, drawings and prints inspired by colour, light and the natural world.
My past has led me through many art disciplines: a degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University, my own business in eco paints and murals and working as a Senior Tutor, teaching painting and drawing.
Now as a freelance tutor I continue to run painting and drawing courses, workshops and home tuition sessions for adults and produce and exhibit my work across Sheffield and the Peak District.

Click here for Anna’s website.

Angie Hardwick

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“I have been a freelance visual Artist for several years and I have worked with various companies on many creative projects. I have facilitated workshops with a wide variety of groups, in a number of different communities, ranging from preschool to residential homes. I particularly like working with groups dealing with challenging issues, such as special needs, mental health illnesses, homelessness, drug and alcohol problems etc. I like participants to engage in projects, feel included, have fun learning new skills and feel a sense of accomplishment. If one of these elements are achieved in my session I consider it to be a successful project.”

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Laura Page

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Originally from Liverpool, Laura now lives in Sheffield where she studied for an MA in Philosophy. She has spent the past ten years or so living in Barcelona, Derbyshire and Sheffield working as an artist, news photographer and photojournalist and her images and writing are published and exhibited internationally. She also works photographing weddings, portraits, events and running workshops.

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Miranda Trojanowska 

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“Abstract expressionistic style using oils, acrylics and mixed media, interpreting the physics of force, movement & flow; the hue, tone and colour of chemistry; to leave an imprint symbolising evolution over time.”

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Mick Randle

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“I have been involved in ceramics for seventeen years now and I am still learning different
techniques and ways of creating pieces using glazes, slips, clays, underglazes and oxides.
My preferred method of creating has always been the pottery wheel and have worked toward
a production pottery style of throwing and strive to make my work usable, beautiful and affordable. As well as teaching throwing at the Art House I have a small studio I built three years ago. I retired from the N.H.S. two years ago where I worked in an adult acute mental health hospital facilitating pottery sessions for patients as a therapeutic activity, patients found this helpful and a considerable number of people continued working with clay as an art form and as a therapeutic activity on leaving hospital. My work can be viewed at the Art House and on my Instagram site. Mick currently teaches a number of advanced pottery wheel throwing classes at the Art House.”


Stephen Smith

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“After years of work in heavy industry, I was introduced to Art by a very good friend. At first a rather reluctant learner, I eventually came to realise
that creating with the hands provides a sense of fulfilment not easily obtainable elsewhere. I am inspired by personal history, and use both sculpture in clay and very short stories illustrated with watercolours to recall significant events in my own and my family’s lives”

Amanda Packham 

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“In my BA degree in sculpture I focused on Ceramics as a second subject and choose to pursue a career in teaching, working with numerous diverse groups in the community of Edinburgh. After my BAed I went on to work as a sculpture/ceramics teacher in Bedales School, Hampshire and then at St Aloysius’ College, Glasgow. On my return to Sheffield I procured a post of Pottery tutor at Freeman College and retrained in horticulture. I have worked with primary to Open college levels. I work now as a tutor in The Art House and a horticultural specialist at Seven Hills school.

My work is influenced by my horticultural interests and concerned with weight and balance, taking clay to its maximum building potential. It is sculptural, built in structural clay by strip coiling and slabbing, abstract organic in nature and I use oxides and local clay to tint surfaces. I have been producing work for over 30 years and have exhibited work in galleries in Dundee, Edinburgh, Manchester, Hampshire and Sheffield. ”

Mike Scown 

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“It was working in a restaurant that first drew me to making things from clay. They had just begun using locally handmade tableware when, during a shift one evening, the glaze on a particular bowl caught my eye so much that I decided I needed to learn how to do it myself. Having just graduated from a BA in Fine Art I set myself to learning the processes involved in working with clay. The more I learned about ceramics, the clearer it became that a lifetime could be devoted to investigating the endless possibilities it offers. My primary interest is in the chemistry of the glazes and the work done by the kiln to transform raw materials dug from the Earth’s crust into beautiful objects to be used daily around the home. I keep glaze formulations as simple as possible, allowing the atmosphere in the kiln to do the talking. My first kiln was made from common house bricks retrieved from skips, insulated with mud from the top of the garden and fuelled by locally scavenged scrap palette wood, making the whole thing free to build and fire. I have since continued to experiment with kiln designs, and currently fire a small propane-fuelled kiln constructed from ceramic fibre. I currently teach at The Art House Sheffield and produce thrown tableware.”

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Catherine Hutchinson

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Image: Posh Dolls doing Christmas 
‘My artwork generally involves some kind of psychology/emotion, often featuring dolls. Textiles and stitching, drawing and paint are the means that I always seem to return to’