Eating like Frida Kahlo

Eating like Frida Kahlo Last week we posted a link to a Frida Kahlo recipe for a Grilled Zucchini Salad on our Facebook page. And, people liked it and some even came in to tell us they liked it. So we decided to make it, and we sampled it in our beautiful little courtyard garden space (after hours as…

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21st May 2018

Art: How To Understand Things Made To Be Looked At.

Art: How To Understand Things Made To Be Looked At. Do you sometimes feel daunted by art? Sometimes feel that you’re not sure what you’re meant to see or what it’s meant to mean? Think the ‘experts’ know better? Then think again; the Art House is always looking for ways to make art more accessible…

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18th May 2018

Stress Busting in The Steel City

Stress busting in the Steel City It is Mental Health Awareness Week, with a particular focus on stress and many studies suggest that city living is more stressful than a life lived away from the hustle and bustle of an urban landscape. Berlin stress researcher, Dr Mazda Adli, found that “city living affects how the…

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16th May 2018

Open Up :Mary Else

Open Up: Mary Else. Open Up is a great opportunity to see local art and to meet local artists. Studios across the city are open for you to visit and The Art House is involved too. We have several artists exhibiting last weekend and the event continues this weekend too. A full list of those…

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10th May 2018

Art: A Surprise Weapon Against Stress

Art: A Surprise Weapon Against Stress Next week sees the start of the annual Mental Health Awareness Week. You can find out more details of it here. This year the focus is on stress (specifically in the workplace) and strategies to deal with it. We’ll do a blog post about this initiative next week as,…

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9th May 2018

The Art House, Sheffield: Our Aims.

The Art House, Sheffield: Our Aims. At The Art House, we provide great pottery and art courses and, as we’ve settled into finding our role in the city, this is what many people have come to know us for. But The Art House has an ethos based on a belief in the power of art…

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2nd May 2018